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Samsung Infuse and OS updates

I've Been Around

Does anyone know if the Samsung Infuse available through Rogers is going to be updated to Jelly Bean or beyond?


I just started a job where this is the phone they use and it's battery life is terrible, even with Gingerbread on it.




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Re: Samsung Infuse and OS updates

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Hello Dennis58

At the moment Rogers nor Samsung Canada has said anything about the Samsung Infuse getting 4.1 JB yet. Rogers will release more info on the thread called " OS Upgrade Schedule". That thread will have more info then anyone else will have. We just need to wait for Rogers & Samsung Canada to release more info later on. Stay tuned!

Re: Samsung Infuse and OS updates

I've Been Here Awhile

Samsung never offered any offical update beyond android 2.3,3 Gingerbread this it never got a Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich update and so an official release of Jellybean would be a no. Even the unofficial roms for it are buggy and not all the applications work properly with . Considering all the varients that Samsung puts out, support for anything outside of the main models drops off rather quickly even for unofficial ones as there are just too many models to offer an individual update for each and for each carrier. I leanred that the hardway.

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