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Samsung Infuse ICS

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Will the Samsung Infuse ever get the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS with Rogers?


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Re: Samsung Infuse ICS

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Rogers does not comment when or if they will get the update. If they comment they will say " we can not comment on updates we have may or may not received from samsung" you will have to wait and see if rogers will update it to ICS.

Re: Samsung Infuse ICS

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I hardly doubt as nobody at Rogers even knows how to troubleshoot this phone, nor can you find any really big info about it.  It's not even listed under the support tab for Samsung phones. I really regret getting an unsupported phone from Rogers, or even coming back to Rogers.  It's sad even when a manger states you are "stuck" with the phone.

Re: Samsung Infuse ICS

I've Been Here Awhile

When will Rogers have an update for the os of the samsung infuse?

Re: Samsung Infuse ICS

what OS are you up to on the infuse??

this is the current rogers release schedule.


I dont see the infuse on there.. but, depending on what its at, it MAY be at the highest os already (may not go up to 4.0 or 4.1).

Have you tried connecting it to the PC with the KIES software?


As far as i can read, even from the samsung sight, the highest you can go on that phone, without a custom rom, is 2.3

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