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Samsung Gear S

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I am having trouble getting information about the Samsung Gear S. The telephone staff don't seem to know anything about it. The one I just talked to didn't even know that they are sold by Rogers directly and said that I need to go to Best Buy or Future Shop to get the answers to my questions!!!


This watch takes a nano sim card so that it can be used even when the host phone (in ny case the Note 2) is not close by.


This person that I spoke to said that there is no charge for this. that is great.  I asked how I get a SIM card for it and he told me to get it from Best Buy. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me because I got the Samsung Gear S for Christmas from my wife, and she said that she bought it directly from Rogers.


How do I get a SIM card for my Gear S and what are the charges for it?



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Re: Samsung Gear S

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Is any member of the Community able to assist with their question?



Re: Samsung Gear S

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I have the Gear S + Rogers nano sim, I can't seem to register the watch to Rogers network. I suspect it is because the watch is not yet in Rogers system.

Re: Samsung Gear S

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Hello creature777

Even if the Galaxy Gear S isn't in the system the sim card should work and the watch should work as its supposed too. Have you checked the settings on the watch to make sure it's fully enabled to work on Rogers?