Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3

I was just curious if any other Rogers customers are having similar experiences with the S3. I purchased my phone last August (thankfully it is still under warranty from Samsung) and recently I've noticed that the phone is becoming increasingly warm, battery life is lasting < 4 hours and it's dropping calls all the time. I've contacted Rogers and have a reference number to bring it in, which I will, but after I've read a couple articles about these phones exploding I'm just wondering if these are the signs that I/others should be mindful of. 

Currently, I'm keeping my phone at a safe distance away given my fear it will combust, but if anyone else has had a similar experience let me know. Additionally, if this is an inherent flaw in the device, when Rogers looks into "fixing it", should I not request a different type of device? Will changing the battery (which I assume will be the outcome) do anything or is that a patch?


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello askahan

Every electronic device heats up. TV's, Phones, Tablets, DVD / Blue ray players, Cable boxes, ipods & ect.

If you are using the phone to the point you have multiple apps at once & playing a game or watching a movie, yes the phone will heat. The exploidings barely happened & it was proven some faked it by putting the devices in the microwave. So do not believe everything you hear about that. Search it up.

Yes you can go buy another battery seeing as the one you have right now, is dying faster then it should. Rogers will send it the phone & either give you a loner phone for a deposit of $50. You will get that $50 when you give back the loner phone. You can not demand or request a new phone or different device unless you are planning on buying one outright or doing a upgrade on your account.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3

I am on my 3rd S3 , first one had  connection issues ( similar to what you're experiencing ) and   was replaced with a refurbished S3 which could not connect to wifi ( you would think these things would be tested)  The third one has SIM card issues. Once i lose signal i get error message saying  network unavaliable until you insert a valid sim card and reboot.. Currently  my S3 iis being used as a $600.00  paper wieght on my desk .  I love the phone when it works but it's simply too unreliable to use for business not to mention t  The S3 is athe least reliable and most fault prone smart phone according  to insurance data. Samsung service is garbage and once the phone leaves warranty  you're stuck...     Android furums are filled with similar dropped call stories.. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3

Dear askahan,

I too have an S3, and it is normal that smarphone's batteries come warm because the phone is using more power due to more computation and more RAM usage. You can always increase your battery life by:

- Lower your screen brightness
- Turn off Wifi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, GPS when you don't use them.
- Close any running apps you aren't using

For your dropping calls, I would recommend, backing up all your information and doing a factory reset to try to fix it.

For batteries exploding, it is a rare case to happen. Your battery has to be damaged, or have a serious defect in the first place to get it to explode. Or others have overcharged the battery which also causes to explode.

If it helps, replacing your battery for a new battery from Samsung could help.

Yours truly,
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3

The best thing about the phone is the user replacable battery.


Buy 2 or 3 new batteries (less than $12 on ebay).


It is very easy to damage a smartphone battery.  leave it in a hot (or freezing) car just once and you might reduce the battery life by 50%


You should own new batteries and carry a fully charged spare.


I love the phone, and think it is very reliable.