[Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

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[Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

Randomly when im texting or just using the phone in general, it will freeze/lock up and become very unresponsive.

The only way to fix it i found is to take the battery out and put it back in.

At other times, the same thing will happen but instead of freezing completely it will unfreez and then contiually jump to the lock screen randomly.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this happens/any remedies?



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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

Hello DTK89,


It sounds like an app maybe hanging.  I would suggest taking a backup of the device and doing a hard reset.  Sync your information back and test the device without restoring the backup.  This will let you know whether the device itself or an app/file that is on the device. 


If it is the device itself you can visit a Rogers store to have it sent in for repair.  If the device works better without the restore being completed, re-install the apps 1 x 1 and test.


Hope this helps,



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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

I did a hard reset.

I didnt back up anything because there was nothing to back up.

I did not install any apps, i didnt even put in any contacts so i doubt thats the issue.

Instead of telling me to go to rogers and have them send it for repair, why not tell me why i recieved a faulty device which i paid big dollars for? Further more, are you suggesting after i paid for this phone, i go right ahead and send it in and use nothing?

Usually when i pay (a good amount of) money for something i expect to use it and expect it to work.

Sadly, this isnt the case with this phone.

Should i expect to get a phone from rogers to use in the mean time since apparently the one i paid money for doesnt work...

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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up


Just called Rogers tech support.

I explained/described the problem to the support person and i was told this phone was DOA. I shall be recieving a new one within a week.

He also told me only a small number of units had this problem.

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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

I doubt very much that it's the phone! I was having similar issues, so I switched to cm9 nightlies & presto NO more problems! So it's either junk that rogers added on, but in this case it might well be the ics 4.0.4... If you Google ics freezing, you'll see quite a few posts from people with different carriers & phones.
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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

I am experiencing the same issue. Email hangs frequently.
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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

Im having the same issue.

The phone doing that so randomly. Even it was on the desk. u will c screen comes up, the status bar has every icons redrew. then the whole phone freeing.


I tried format the phone and reset it. Even without installing any app. It still does that. I installed the new firmware yesterday from Samsung. The crash/freezing  happens again today.


Dispointted. Will go to FS return this unit.  Had a Sony Xperia awhile ago. never did that. I dont think that is a ICS thing tho.

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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

Hi All


I see this is an older post but I'm having what sounds like the same issue on my new S3 16gb.


About once a week it will randomly 'crash' (I dont know what else to call it) and will become unresponsive to key inputs. The power button does nothing, holding it down does nothing too, and all of the other buttons also do not respond. Sometimes it seems like if i have a notification active the blue light will continue to pulse every few seconds (not sure if facebook, text, email, whatever) but still the keys do not respond at all. Basically a ~$600 paper weight! lol


On some occasions, I thought it was a battery charge issue (no flashing light at those times), so I plugged my phone into the wall. I did not receive any indication that it was charging. There was no change at all after plugging it in.


The only way to get the phone back to a useable state is to pull the battery and reinsert it, at which point I can hold the power button for 5s and it will vibrate then boot up.


I have not yet tried a backup & factory reset routine, but i guess maybe thats the next step.

This issue sucks pretty bad. I have a nice otterbox case for the phone and having to get it out of there can be a pain lol.

Not sure if there is any way to see a crash report on the S3 or see why it crashes (or whatever is going on?)





Android 4.1.1

se.infra@SEP-106 #1

SMP PREEMPT Tue Nov 20 22:42:27 KST 2012


Build Number:

JRO03L.I747MVLDLK4 (I dont know if those are zeroes or O at the start?)

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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

I have had a similiar issue with my phone. Each time I called in about a different Rogers matter, I would mention that I was having issues with my phone, and no one ever offered to find a way to fix it.


The phone is less than 2 months old, and will lock up to the point you have to take out the battery.. which isn't something you're looking for when this was bought for emergencies. My battery will be over half way full, and it will freeze and lock itself up. Also, it gets extremely hot to the point you can't continue to play games on it.


My husband has the same phone, with the only issue being the battery dying before it should. To top it all off, the number belonged to someone else before, and I keep getting men calling and texting me looking for Jake... (rolls eyes)..


Finally after having to call the Office of the President I am being shipped a new phone.. so now to have to transfer everything into the new phone, which I have no idea how to do, and have it learn my texting again. Smiley Sad

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Re: [Samsung Galaxy S3] Random Freeze/Lock Up

Hello DaveandKelly

If they are sending you a new S3 then Download Samsung Kies on your computer. Plug in the phone on the computer & Kies will detect it. Press back up & the phone will back up on Samsung Kies. Once you get the new one, Just plug it in & restore everything back. Some things like apps will NOT back up so you may need to re download them again. Your texting will be the same on the same phone.

what phone are they sending you? You can also back up contacts on Google & outlook