Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean & Rogers Anyplace TV

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Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean & Rogers Anyplace TV

It is my understanding that Adobe Flash Player is not officially available nor supported for android devices that are running Jelly Bean. When I try to view Rogers Anyplace TV on my S3 it says I need Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher, since this is not possible through official options how do I view Rogers Anyplace TV on my S3?  


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean & Rogers Anyplace TV

Hi imdll,


You need to install the Rogers AnyPlaceTV Live app for Android.


See this think:



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean & Rogers Anyplace TV

Ok I am running an S4 and Playstore will not even allow me to d/l app. Says my phone is not compatible. Come on, top of the line phone and you can't even make your own tv streaming work. Don't advertise it for s4's until you get the bloody thing to work.Smiley Mad

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean & Rogers Anyplace TV

Hello godspawn

I agree!. Honestly why advertise the app for the S4 if it will not work. The phone has been out since May 3rd ( for the public and April 27th for reservations). They had enough time to make the changes. It seems Rogers developers are lazy to update the app for the S4..
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean & Rogers Anyplace TV

Hi! Haven't been here for quite a while...Smiley Embarassed


I enjoy my Galaxy S4 more than I would have expected. In a sense, for me as a retiree with quite diverse interests in travel-oriented websites, who receives a pretty large number of emails and notifications, it has changed my life, in the sense that now I have all messages, alerts, notifications, emails, etc., at my finger tips, literalmente. I don't need to get up and go to the PC and check if I have received any messages of interest. I can check this through Galaxy S4 anywhere I am.


One evening I decided to try to watch a game on Rogers Anyplace TV and to my total surprise I received a reply that my device is not capable (I don't remember the exact words, but this is the gist) to receive Rogers Anyplace TV.


This didn't make much sense to me, particularly now, in the light of the Rogers hockey package which advertises the ambition to be accessible to anybody, with any device.


Am I doing something wrong, am I missing something? Does it make any sense that a Rogers device will not be able to access a Rogers service or that Rogers would not provide an app that supports this functionality together with the device?


Thank you!