Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

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Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

My phone bill showing  heavy Data usage e.g.

Jan-2013  is 16 GB

Feb- 2013 is 24 GB

from Aug-2012 to Dec-2012 , I just used 23 MB - 75 MB/ Month.

I am not sure WHY i am getting this Heavy Data usage while Nothing has  changed in my phone since then, No new app installed.

i have Wi-fi at my home and office. 

Two months ago my phone started to heat up and battery was draining quickly, with in few minuts

i know there is something wrong with my phone..

I called Rogers , and they said they can NOT do anything as it shows the data usage..


then i searched forums and figured that i am not the only one in this CRAP. 

Samsun Galaxy S2 all over the world has this issue. but people sitting at Rogers don't want to accept this !!


If Rogers do not take care of this , i will calcel both my phone lines with them


Any one has any solution, or faced similar problem with Rogers  ? Please help.. thanks





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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

Hello Bakri

Have you tried speaking to Customer retentions OR a manager in that matter to see what they can do? Tell them to see your past data record & see this one. They will see its higher then before & should be able to fix it.

Most CSR's have limited options they can do. They can only do so much & can NOT give out discounts / credits out unless a Manager approves of it.

Try speaking to a Manager & see what happens.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

Thanks for your reply. i spoke to a CSR and he said he could do only CAD 50 refund. 

i will speak to a manager .. and see if they can do anything.


but , do you know does this happen, ? why my phone was getting overheated  and using exessive data usage.

for example on one day it used more than 5 GB 


please let me know if you know anything about this issue .


Thanks again 

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

Hello Bakri

You are welcome!. Do you have ANY apps running in the background? Weather, emails, facebook, twitter, games that use data, any app that uses data?. Overheating happens on EVERY single device out there. It happened to my S3, HTC Raider, iPhone 5, Z10 & more. That is normal.

I would suggest downloading a app called Juice Defender Ultimate. Yes it does cost a few bucks BUT it will shut off all the internet connections so you will not have this problem & help your battery.

You could also try doing a factory reset & see what that may do. Have you contacted Samsung Canada to see what they can do if the phone is still in warranty?
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

I had the exact same problem when I first got my galaxy s2. I couldn't figure out what the problem was, by accident I discovered that it was an email that was too large for Gmail how to handle, so it kept on trying to resend the message over and over again. Exact same symptoms as yours including the heating issue. in case it's the same issue, make sure to check your outbox and sent folders.

The other thing to look at would be the data usage option under settings, that will tell you what app is using all the data.... you'll then have the option of force stopping the app or uninstalling it.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

I have had this problem on occasion. It seems that the phone will get stuck in a loop almost randomly.

I have found that by simply powering off the phone then restarting it usually fixed the issue. Just press and hold the Power Button until a shutdown dialog appears or the phone turns off. Then press it again to reboot.

Also I normally leave the data radio off when I am not directly using it (getting information from the internet updating status etc.).

This way if WiFi is available it will use that. It uses far less power than the cellular data radio.

This way you are always in control of what data source you are using.

Be sure to update the firmware as well. I have found the phone to be far more reliable and useful with Android version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. I used Samsung Kies to do this. ( ) Kies.

Also turning off both data radios (WiFi and Cellular) will cause whatever programs that are trying to access data to report a loss of connection. This could be a good way to figure out if there is an app trying to use data that you are unaware of.

Hope you figure it out.



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 , Heavy Data Usage Problem

hi, did you find out what was causing the heavy data use problem?  I've had high usage the last two months please let me know what the problem was and how you corrected it.