Samsung Galaxy Note not saving APN settings

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Samsung Galaxy Note not saving APN settings

My employer pays for my phone usage while I am on the road.  I love my phone and didn't want to change providers and be locked into another contract so we came up with a novel idea of using "pay as you go" while I travel.


I use a Petro Canada Mobility sim pay as you go. They are a reseller of Rogers so when I pop in the sim, everything works without unlocking the phone.

I went through and set the phone so that is uses gsm/wcdma bands only - no LTE as it isn't available in my province as of yet. I set up Petro Canada's APN settings and save. I restart the phone and the phone automatically defaults back to Rogers APN settings. The APN that I created is gone - *poof* I can't count how many times in the last 24 hours I have reset the settings in this phone

What the heck am I missing here cause I can't figure it out. Why won't it save my APN settings?


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note not saving APN settings

Hello kmacsouris,


You would need to reach out to the provider for assistance with configurations 😞  Resellers may use the same network however settings may differ:(