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Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

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today i was checking on rogers for support on my galaxy nexus since i cannot seem to be able to connect my email account, long story short i cannot find any information or even a samsung galaxy nexus for sale on rogers website.. did they stop selling/supporting them? this is somewhat nerveracking seeing how i bought this phone 3.5 months ago from rogers for over 700$


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

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Rogers has taken the Galaxy Nexus down. I spoke to a Manager last night over the phone & at a store & they both said they got emails saying the Galaxy Nexus is being discontinued from the line up. This is the same thing that happened when Rogers took down the Nexus S.

It could also be that they took it down to fix something, you never know.

I understand your frustration & all but Rogers is not to blame here or get mad because you got it 3.5 months ago for the full price. Its up to Google / Samsung & Rogers when the phone will be taken down from being sold. Believe me i understand because when i bought a phone from Rogers the next week they took it down. Its a shame they never tell its customers or notify us about this. but then again they can not always do it with every phone you know?

If you want services or support you can always contact Rogers at *611 threw your wireless phone & speak to a tech support agent & they will be able to help you with what ever you need. You can also go to any Rogers plus store & have them look at the phone & help you out more.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

completely understandable and it wasnt the price that bothered me but when i caled yesterday for help setting up the e-mail they said they were unable to help because they had no information on the model.


thanks for the info though i really apreciate it, however do you happen to know whether or not it will receive JellyBean 4.1?

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

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Have you try the following app from Microsoft? Not sure it will work or not, but worth a try. I used that for and email.



Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

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Ryan, you have every reason & right to be EXTREMELY upset with rogers! The support should last at least as long as; A) The contract [if any]. B) The warranty. C) As long as you are a rogers customer! Rogers, & not Samsung or Google sold you the phone. Speak to another CSR at rogers, and if they can't help you ask for a Supervisor & if they can't... Speak to Retentions. Still no help (I'd be a bit surprised), You can get answers to almost anything on Google, or go to XDA & search the Nexus Forums there. Again, you have every right to be angry & don't let anyone tell you differently.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

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Galaxy nexus discontinued what BS I bought a.gnexus with 4.0.1 have **bleep** service issues they said wait a fix us coming 3 months later no fix.should have waited for Xperia s.might as well root if I had a pc

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

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I imagine the reason the Gnex is down might be because Samsung is pushing the Galaxy S3 instead.  The S3 is Samsung's flagship device, tricked out with their proprietary bells and whistles.  Even though they're both manufactured by Samsung, they must look at the Gnex as a competitor for sales.


I also think it's the reason the Canadian version of the Gnex isn't getting the over-the-air update to Jellybean either.  The Rogers version of the phone gets its updates from Samsung and not directly from Google (and not from Rogers.)  The S3 won't be getting Jellybean until the end of the year, and it feels like Samsung either doesn't care about the Gnex in Canada, or is deliberately hobbling it in favor of the S3.  I think we might see the Gnex update around the same time as the S3 gets one.


That being said, if you bought a Gnex, you probably did because you wanted the latest updates for Android right away.  I did.  So I got tired of waiting on Samsung and flashed mine to Google.  I've been running Jellybean 4.1.1 for a couple of weeks now.  Took me about an hour to figure out what I had to do and do it.  Everything is better: the battery life, the camera, in interface, the search functions... and now I don't have to wait for Samsung for updates.


Think about flashing your Gnex, it's what the phone was meant for.


edit:  I wonder if the whole Apple suing Samsung over the Gnex might have something to do with it as well.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

I Plan to Stick Around

You maybe got someone who was new on the job.  It really doesn't matter which model it is: all Ice Cream Sandwich (Android version 4) phones are the same with regards to adding an email account.   


Rogers support for a phone model has nothing to do with whether it is still sold.  Roger's tech support job is really to help you with the Rogers services, but when you're having problems with a particular email account they should be able to help with general troubleshooting.  


You didn't say exactly what the problem was, but you should be able to add your Hotmail/ address in the Email app on the phone: you won't need any special settings to do this.   If it doesn't work, you're entering the wrong password.


Alternatively, the other poster who suggested installing the Hotmail app was right too.   The app will also sync your Hotmail/ contacts.


If it's still not working and you're positive you have the right password, you might be having a problem with your data connection.  Make sure you can view web pages.


Too bad they're not selling the Nexus anymore.  I love mine, except for the lack of updates.


Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

I Plan to Stick Around

Probably what you are looking for is the answer as to how to get your phone moved over to Jellybean 4.1.1. 


Here are the instructions that work to upgrade your Rogers Galaxy Nexus to Jellybean 4.1.1.
First to yakju and then to Jellybean 4.1.1. Read the whole page before
doing it as there are some pointers. Make sure the Samsung drivers properly
install by checking the device manager (pointers are included with the wugfresh toolkit).

You might also want to go to wugfresh and download their Nexus toolkit
as it has some good backup tools. You will need them as the upgrade process
wipes your phone.

You don't need the other things in the toolkit as this other process is far
easier and doesn't unlock your phone.  This may void your warranty if you can't go back to your original 4.0.2 so follow backup instructions carefully.


It worked beautifully for me.


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus..... where is the support?

Wow. Followed the simplified steps you posted and voila! Jellybean in about 30 minutes (well, it took about 90 minutes to download the firmware app as listed in link #1 - rapidshare was really, really slow). But once I got it, everything went smoothly! Thanks!