Samsung GT P7500R Tablet - 10.1 Galaxy

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Samsung GT P7500R Tablet - 10.1 Galaxy

Don't be in a huge hurry to acquire this tablet, it seems to have a mind of its own as to how it will, and when it will work. I have contacted both Samsung and Rogers to no avail, over the fact that this tablet "froze" while I was entering a password for a wifi network I was joining. It will not shut off, back up, change, or even acknowledge any commands.

There is no way to turn this unit off, as you can't get the tablet open to disconnect the battery hoping that might reset it, but this is a sealed unit. So, at this point, I pay for my flex plan, while the tablet remains 100% frozen, and useless. Tried running the battery all the way down, but didn't change nothing, when it comes back on, it just returns to same frozen screen. Rogers doesn't seem to believe me, despite taking it back to the booth where I purchased it, and being told to call Rogers Tech support, who, doesn't do a thing to help.

I really feel Rogers should be required to have 1 technical repair person in each outlet, instead of 10 to 12 useless sales persons, who nothing of the products they are selling. Sure wish this were another brand of tablet.

When it worked, it was great, well, flash never did work proper, but other then that, it wasn't too bad.

Good luck if you still choose to purchase this unit.



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Re: Samsung GT P7500R Tablet - 10.1 Galaxy

If you live in Toronto go to the Rogers plus store at York mills & Leslie. That Rogers plus store actually has tech support agents which will see what is wrong with the phone & try to fix it if its not a hardware issue.

As for the post. I do agree. They should have a tech support agent at each location to see what is wrong with the device BUT remember tho, this can cost money & time in which Rogers does not want that.

I do have the same tablet & i have not had any issues like that.


I would suggest if you are in your 1 year warranty to call Samsung & have them look at it. The 1 year is with the manufactor as well.