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Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I've Been Here Awhile

I've had my phone for less than two weeks and without problems until today.


It turns out the phone will shut down completely a while after the phone goes to sleep. This seems to happen after a full charge, but very consistently. As long as I use the phone to keep it awake, it works fine (great, in fact).


I tried powering on/off myself, battery removal, and factory reset, but the problem remains.


Might have to replace the phone at this point, but it's hard to find stock right now...


Anyone else have this problem?



Other threads which address my problem...


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Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

That's pretty much my experience, too.  The original phone went back and the refurb has never shut off on me and I have never run Captivate Keep Alive on the refurb phone.  It looked new, and it works.  The battery life is actually a bit better too, but I think that's just a product of not having CKA running.

Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

I wish I could say that the refurshish is working ok. Rogers replaced my other Android phone with a Captivate after a lot of trouble going back and forth tryng to get some resolution. I got a refurshied Captivate with 2.2 but it is shutting down.


I am disappointed with Rogers given all the challenges I had with my previous phone. Now I am going to have to call them again which I don't like doing but I can't afford to have my phone shutting down since I rely on it a lot for work purposes.

Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

I have the AT&T version of the Captivate (i897) and have this problem as well.  For those who have not tried it, the Captivate Keep Alive app does the job.  Do some experimenting with it as different phones shut down until different battery levels are reached.  Mine, for example, will do the shut down thing until the battery has less than 60% left.  Others will stop when battery life hits 95%.  You want to experiment with your phone, because this app WILL drain your battery faster (like we need that).  Hope this helps.