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Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I've Been Here Awhile

I've had my phone for less than two weeks and without problems until today.


It turns out the phone will shut down completely a while after the phone goes to sleep. This seems to happen after a full charge, but very consistently. As long as I use the phone to keep it awake, it works fine (great, in fact).


I tried powering on/off myself, battery removal, and factory reset, but the problem remains.


Might have to replace the phone at this point, but it's hard to find stock right now...


Anyone else have this problem?



Other threads which address my problem...


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Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

My bf has the same issue with the shutdown, but it only started yesterday(two weeks after we got the phone). His IMEI number is not part of that group but he has the issue. Would a new phone have the same problem?

Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

Given that Rogers is sending out refurb units that apparently have problems, I'd assume that any phone that has the shutdown issue will continue to do so and is valid for return, regardless of the IMEI.  My understanding is that you will get a replacement phone if:


a) you report the shutdown issue

b) your IMEI shows as under warranty


My research and experience tells me that to be certain you won't have the issue going forward, you must be running the Rogers 2.2 firmware.  Samsung told me over the phone that they addressed the issue in that update, but I still had the issue running 2.2 with a bad phone.  It seems the only way to be sure is to get a new phone, run 2.2, get a full charge, unplug, and wait.  If you still have issues, get a new phone...until you don't have issues anymore.

Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

from what i've noticed the Samsung 2.2 that came out days before the rogers one seems to run a bit smoother. Anyone notice any home screen lag with their 2.2?

Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

For my experience, I too got a refurbished phone.  I have to say, I was abit disappointed at first, but I decided to give it a shot.  The phone appears to be in mint condition anyways.


The refurb phone came with just the phone and the power chord.  Upon receiving the phone, I immediately charged the phone to full battery.  I then turned on the phone and set up everything.  Anyways, the phone comes with Android 2.1.  I updated the phone to Froyo 2.2, and everything runs smoothly.


I have been using the new phone now for approximately 2 weeks with no real issues.  I am so far pleased with the "new" phone.  So even though I am disappointed that the phone is not new, I am glad the phone is working and looking like new.  So all in all, I am please with the process.

Re: Samsung Captivate Random Shutdown

I Plan to Stick Around

That's pretty much my experience, too.  The original phone went back and the refurb has never shut off on me and I have never run Captivate Keep Alive on the refurb phone.  It looked new, and it works.  The battery life is actually a bit better too, but I think that's just a product of not having CKA running.