Samsung Captivate Question

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Samsung Captivate Question

Hi Guys,


I am very new to the Rogers forum.  Just received my captivate and just have a few questions.  Is there any way to disable data from the device.  I am a previous iphone 3g user and would only turn on my data when I wanted to surf the web.  I have a small data plan and use wifi more. I have been reading that some android apps are needed, but wondering if there is a default setting to modify this.


Any help would be great.


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Captivate Question

There are some apps out there can help.


I am using APNdroid, which is a free app you can get from the market that let you turn on/off of you 3G network with just one button.


Hope that helps

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Re: Samsung Captivate Question

Hello  Emilio,


Welcome the the Rogers community,


Icefire is right.


There are application on the Android Market that will allow you to switch ON and OFF mobile data service on an Android device. As for a firmware functionality that does come with the phone; unfortunately there isn't one.


The Android Market is not supported through Rogers. You can always call Samsung Support at 1-800-726-7864. To get more information or inquiries on application from the Android Market.


Icefire thank you again for you response.


I hope this helps

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Re: Samsung Captivate Question

Go to Wireless and network in settings
than go toMobile networks
than go to Network mode
click on GSM only and wait till it the same but go click gsm/hspa(auto to go back to 3g/2g
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Re: Samsung Captivate Question

Far Left Button - > Settings - > Wireless and Network - > Mobile Networks - > Use Packet Data - uncheck


You don't need an app.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Question

@ Paul. Agreed but if you read when it was made it was mad eon 11-05-2010 01:01 PM which is 2 years ago..

Thanks for the info tho.