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Same SIM - different phone

I Plan to Stick Around

I mainly use my "world phone" which has a SIM card (not Rogers) that works very well and cheaply in most countries but not Canada. Since it doesn't work here at home I also bought a Rogers PayGo card and inserted it in the second SIM slot. So far so good - both systems works fine on talk and text.


I also have my old non-smart cell phone which I use around home because it is smaller and more convenient - and just transfer the SIM card as necessary. Again works fine on talk and text.


But here's my problem - I sent a local text on my PayGo SIM in my smart phone - then after getting home moved the SIM to my old cellphone. I thought I didn't get a reply but to my chagrin several days later I found a reply on my smart phone but not, even after rechecking, on my old non-smart phone. Is this normal? - that a reply only goes to the phone that sent the original? I would have thought it would go to the SIM card regardless of what phone it was in.


Or - to word my question more broadly - if one does use the same SIM in different phones are there likely to be 'restrictions' or 'exceptions' in use?


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Re: Same SIM - different phone

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The SMS would definately follow the Rogers SIM regardless of which phone you place the SIM card into, however its possible the phone was in process of "downloading" the SMS message when it was powered off, thus the SMS was received by the network but when you pop the sim card back in the same phone and turned it on several days later you would see the notification, this is NOT a Rogers Glitch nor is it any kind of Glitch, it happened before to other people it depends on the handset maker and the technology they used.

Re: Same SIM - different phone

I Plan to Stick Around

Text messages are sent from sim card not from mobile. I mean once you click on send button on your mobile and in few second that message  started to send to number to which you have send. Now if you move your sim card from mobile it does not matter, receiver receive your message.

So there is no such restriction on sim card or on mobile for this. You can use any number of sim card on one mobile. 

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