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SMCD3GN Rebooting/Resetting - Disabling Router?

I've Been Here Awhile

In November we upgraded our internet package and received the SMCD3GN modem/router. We previously had a DOCSIS modem/router without any problems


Since changing, the SMCD3GN randomly reboots/resets. This happens every few hours, no set pattern of when it seems to happen, although it is about every 2 hours. All lights except the power light go off and the unit slowly "starts up" and is usable again after 2-3 minutes.

We have called Rogers tech support and sent a technician out who stated the signal was fine. The modem/router was exchanged at that time, the problem continued.


We contacted Rogers again and the tech support were "stumped" and suggested we exchange the modem/router again, which we did, no change problem still here. We are now on our 4th modem/router with no change.

The only suggestion I've seen is to disable the router function and use our own router. From my understaning the process for this is to disable the wireless function, then disable the gateway function. Am I correct?

Has anyone tried this with success?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions !



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Re: SMCD3GN Rebooting/Resetting - Disabling Router?

I Plan to Stick Around

Another message arrived just about the same time as yours.  That user has disabled the router function of the SMC unit,  but reports the same problem as you are having,  random disconnects, and resets.


He also reports having Rogers tech visits,  and no resolution to the problem.  


No solutions to offer,  as it seems that Rogers Tech support is also stumped by this cronic problem that affects many customers using the SMC unit.  


Here's hoping Rogers management will step up and issue a new compatible DOCSIS 3 modem only hardware option and get  past this constant problem before all the customers with problems jump ship.



Re: SMCD3GN Rebooting/Resetting - Disabling Router?

I've Been Here Awhile

I am also having this issue.  As an Ultimate subscriber I would expect some sort of VIP treatment, however Rogers technical support have been unable to solve the issue (after lots of time spent on the phone and several visits and modem exchanges).

It happens mainly through Netflix and/or online gaming.  As a professional gamer, e-sport developer, and designer; speed, latency, and UPTIME/RELIABILITY are essential to success.  They literally pay the bills ($40k+/year winning only a few tournaments). 


Unfortunately it seems Rogers makes no guarantees on uptime even though its quite easy to quantify, track, measure, and improve upon (LCDs have dead pixel policies....where is the random disconnect policy?).


After all the trouble we still don't know if its a network issue or a hardware issue (overheating, bad firmware, etc.).

It is not a PC or software issue as these are freshbuild machines.


If the problem is not resolved we may need to go with a business/staticIP solution.

Re: SMCD3GN Rebooting/Resetting - Disabling Router?

I've Been Around

I have been having identical problems with the same non solution of exchanging modems.  I attached my old wireless modem, which I had been using before the upgrade and it's already working better (no disconnects all day).  We are hardly alone in this problem and I have read many stories about this issue and Rogers failure to solve it.


Here is an online petition concerning the SMC D3GN modem:


or search for Rogers SMC Wireless Modem on



Re: SMCD3GN Rebooting/Resetting - Disabling Router?

I'm a Senior Advisor

What is really sad is that the Motorola SB6120 is a DOCSIS3 modem that many have been begging Rogers to have authorized, only to be told no. In their infinite folly, Rogers keeps renting out the SMC piece of junk and pretending like there is nothing wrong with it. People should not have to pay modem rental, have it put into bridge mode, and then have to go out and buy their own router! If Rogers coninues to insist on this modem, then they should at least have the common decency to provide it free of charge!