SMC router changing IP address without warning

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Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: SMC router changing IP address without warning

There's only about a 50% success with the hard reset correcting this. And it has to be done in a particular order for it to even have a chance of working.

1. Press the reset button and hold for 5-10 seconds. Wait for gateway to stabilize.
2. Unplug power from gateway, give it a few seconds and power it up again.

The reset mechanics on that device are very strange (I've dealt with a LOT of them). I'm not really sure why the gateway functionality isn't a customer facing option, but it has been suggested. As a few people have mentioned, SMC does the firmware, so hopefully they'll implement it down the road.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: SMC router changing IP address without warning

Let's hope that SMC doesn't do the software updates for anything important,  like Medical equipment, or aircraft avionics.   Can you imagine planes falling out of the air  because somebody send a half baked patch to "a small number" of 747's. 


I really have a problem with vendors  (including Rogers)  having access to send updates to a device I own or rent,  without my knowledge  or consent.   I also have a problem with buying a product, and then finding out that many of the configuration options are NOT available to the me as an owner/Lessee.   


Rogers says they need control over their network and to that end, I can see that they may be entitled to some level of access to the modem,  but there is no reason the customer should be blocked from full access to the router section of the unit,  to disable the bridge to make it a dumb modem only,  or do any other configuration the customer desires on the router part of the device.  


If Rogers is going to continue to force the SMC unit on customers,  and they should be obliged to provide 100% support  to both the modem and the router functions.  


That might  extend as far as sending a tech at their expense to completely configure a customer's entire network,  and then continue to support that network for the life of the product.  If you buy a new gizmo,  then have Rogers come over and connect it and configure it.  


I honestly do not believe that Rogers can or wants to get that involved with customer installations.   It would be a total nightmare to get anything done in under 30 days.


I once again raise the questions with Rogers,   how about getting a vanilla DOCSIS 3 modem into the system without any further delay.   


The SMC hardware has to be driving you nuts by now,  it sure is driving some of the customers nuts....

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: SMC router changing IP address without warning

something tells me your modem has residential gateway disabled, hence its getting a wan ip. its not hard to understand this, just think, a normal modem gets a wan ip too, and usually it goes into your router, and your rouder gives you the lan ip? so just picture the router is removed from the equazion

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: SMC router changing IP address without warning

I just had my connection go totally down. The SMC modem stopped talking to the router, which made me suspect that it had gotten out of bridge mode. But it wouldn't let me connect to its IP address either, as though it was still bridged. With no options left, I tried your reset instructions. And hey, they worked! I was able to log in, disable the gateway stuff again, and get the whole setup working as before. Thanks, Netbug! A real lifesaver.