SMC gateway and wireless printers

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SMC gateway and wireless printers



I had my wireless printer working fine for about an year with my old D-Link router until I've upgraded the Internet service and Rogers made me switch to their SMC gateway combo modem + router. Since then, once the printer goes to sleep, the router promptly forgets about it ( printer MAC disappears from  LAN Client Log),  and I have to reboot the printer ( power off/on ). SMC support advised to change the wireless security to WEP and channel to 11, which doesn't make much sense. Lexmark support advised to increase the lease time to "Forever", and reserve the printer IP address on the router. The later can't be done, according to SMC support fellas.


Has anyone experienced similar problems with their wireless printer setup ? Any clues how to fix it ?


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Re: SMC gateway and wireless printers

This is only one of the major problems with the SMC gateway.  Many functions which SHOULD be under customer control are not.   You might try contacting Rogers tech support and ask them to enable the functions you need on the router, so that you can designate an IP reservation for your printer, and set the lease time.    


Failing that,  visit,  Rogers forums.   you might be able to locate an administrator login and password there which might get you into the router setup and unlock the areas you need access to.   I know that there have been logins and passwords posted there, but I do not know how current they are based on the fairly constant firmware updates that happen to your unit (without your knowledge or consent). 


Your last resort, or course,  is to have Rogers set your SMC to MODEM only mode, and put your D-Link back in service so that it works the way it always did.   A somewhat more murky solution would be to connect the D-Link to a port on the SMC (uplink).   That process can be a royal PITA however as you may have to change the default IP of the Dlink and mess with it every time you have to reboot it.