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SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

I've Been Around

I am tired of this router/modem because it is completely garbage and i cannot not even connect from my room upstairs -.- does anyone know how to boost the sigal (if possible) if not then can I please know if there are any other routers that rogers has to offer because like I said before, this one sucks Smiley Mad



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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

Moving to bell unfortunately really will not do much.

Most of the core providers, all use all-in-one gateways much like the rogers ones. (including bell).
They are natoriously poor.
You look across ANY ISP in canada and the US who used any of these gateways, they ALL get poor reviews for things like reception range, etc.

They are on par with really cheap inexpensive wireles routers.

The best solution if you do need extra range.. is to:

A) MOVE the unit.  It doesnt have to be in the basement, it just usually is for east of setup/location.  But as long as you have an active cable connection on another outlet.. you should be able to move it there.

B) Use a quality 3rd party wireless router.  (putting the unit in bridge mode)

Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

Yeah, this... And if you are still using a D3GN time to upgrade that for sure to a Hitron CGN3 or CGN3ACSMR ... Those are miles better than a SMC but not as good as a 3rd party router. If you're looking for a good 3rd party router the Asus line is usually very recommended here. AC66U, 68U or 87U.
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