SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

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SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

I am tired of this router/modem because it is completely garbage and i cannot not even connect from my room upstairs -.- does anyone know how to boost the sigal (if possible) if not then can I please know if there are any other routers that rogers has to offer because like I said before, this one sucks Smiley Mad



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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

You are 100% correct. The wireless part of the SMC modem is garbage. I made inquiries to Rogers about the Motorola 6120 and was told that it was not supported. So to have wireless working properly, you need to have Rogers remotely set the SMC modem to bridge mode and install your own router. Why they will not support the 6120 is simply beyond comprehension!

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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

I commented on the same issue about a month ago.  That was right after I upgraded from Express to Extreme.   I had no WIFI connection/speed issues with Express.   At that time, I was using the $3.00 modem with my own Linksys router.  And I was able to add a booster antennas to extend the WIFI performance.  Now that with the stupid gateway (which costs $7.00 rental), like you said, it is a complete garbage and I could not even add anything to boost the WIFI range even if I wanted to.  As soon as my laptop is more than 15 feet away from the gateway, the performance goes down hill.   Playing on-line game is just impossible.   


I called Rogers Support they say the hardware  and configurations are fine.  They mentioned many possible causes that might impact the performance, but I already tried them before making the calls.   1) Inference with the cordless phone – I unplugged all cordless phones but did not have any improvement.    2) I changed to different channels – same thing!.  I even suggested to Rogers Rep to reflect this wide spread situations to their upper management.  They should replace the SMC gateway with something useful.   How could SMC qualify to be the only supported gateway by Rogers if it is not working consistently?  And they are still being sold and rented everyday. Shame!

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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

I have the same issue with the new router.  When it is plugged in hardline to my XBOX or my lap top, the ping and DL speeds reflect what I am paying for.  When I try and go wireless with my laptop, I cant even load a homepage i.e hotmail.  My laptop is good to go. At my old place  we had the old modem and it worked fine...same lap top-Xbox set up.  Now that I am in a house and not an apartment I have less wireless interference and worse performance, and I stress worse as it doesnt even work at all.


If I call Rogers up and wait 3 hours to talk to someone, will they even help at all, or will they simply tell me to bring the router in for exchange? 

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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

They really need to do something about this garbage modem, I have to deal with a ten year old father that can't understand why the wireless is garbage. They need to change this asap, as I can't deal with this garbage service Rogers keeps giving us. They have money to buy the skydome, yet they can't fix their garbage internet. Oh how can I forget this stupid bandwidth limit, they're clearly losing money there.

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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

Love to say Rogers will follow through..


but i can't..i honestly dont think they give a **bleep**. Stop paying your bills and you get their attention real quick mind you..but be a good customer and pay your bills on time and silence is all you get.


I found the same problem..i live in a 2 bedroom apt...with nothing more then an uninsulated wall and 10 feet seperating me from the same router...Lets say i have had dialup faster. I hooked up and old Linksys 54 mbs wireless router and configured it..turned the one Rogers shoved down my throat into nothing more then a modem...and my speeds tripled + . 


But hey...Were supposed to take the new rate  increases with a straight face and silence..kind of the same reaction you give that akward moment the doctor wants to check your prostate....


but I guess Rogers has to pay for the Skydome somehow.. 😉

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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

It is fustrating, but I finally got the wireless working properly for me.


You have to do more than change the wireless mode to get the modem to work properly with wireless N. I get my full wireless speed on the internet (32mbps) and I get around 56 to 64 mbps over my home network. My settings are as follows (I've only listed the settings I changed).


Under Basic Settings

Wireless Mode: 11N Only




Cipher Type: AES


Advanced Settings:

Channel Bandwidth: 20


These settings have really improved my wireless speeds. Before I had to use 11G Only and I was only getting speeds of around 18mbps both on the intenet and on my home network and now I'm getting 32mbps on the internet and over 56mbps on my home network.


This also over doubled the transfer speeds I am getting on my HTC Sensation 4g over my wireless network. I use to get around 2.5mbps and now I'm getting 6mbps on my phone.


Hope this helps.



EDIT: After doing some more messing around it appears that the Channel Bandwidth setting is what is making the difference for me. I was able to have the wireless mode to mixed b/g/n and I still maintained my high transfer speeds.


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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage



I think yours is the first SMC D3GN posting in a long time which has included real, positive information on experiences with the device, and information that should help others that own it.


On behalf of others who will use it in the future, Thank You!




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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

how do i change these settings. i went to and tried looking under every option but cannot find it. 


please help me

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Re: SMC D3GN wireless signal is garbage

Old thread, I know, but for anyone else who's looking up this info:


chittral asked: how do i change these settings. i went to and tried looking under every option but cannot find it.


Under "Wireless" on the left you can find "Wireless Mode" and change that to "11G Only" or whatever works for you. Under "Wireless" > "Advanced Settings" you can find "Channel BandWidth" and switch that between "20" and "20/40".


russelljwall said that in his case he had the best speed with "N Only" and "20" under channel bandwidth. In my case, no N devices are on my network. If I set it for B/G/N Mixed, I get painfully slow speeds, so I set it to "G Only" and get reasonable speeds of ~27Mbps down. (Although the speeds are about twice as fast when I plug in to the ethernet jack.) I find if I switch from the default channel bandwith setting of "20/40" to "20" I only get about ~17Mbps down. So play around and see what works for you. I'm curious whether an N device will give me faster speeds.