SIM cards with static IP?

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SIM cards with static IP?

Hi Everyone,


I plan on using a Rogers SIM card in a 3G modem through which we will stream data at a rate of up 15 Mbps over the Rogers network. I also would like to access our sreaming device remotely via the 3G modem. For that purpose I was wondering whether anyone knows if one can get a Rogers SIM card with a static IP. I tried to get this info from tech support but was not yet successful.




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Re: SIM cards with static IP?

Not positive on how/who to contact for it, but yes it should be possible.

Normaly, with any sim based internet, you can not route to the wireless IP for it (even if it didnt change).


You can pay for a STATIC ip, which then points to the wireless IP, which some users have got to work.

The cost if i remember correctly, was around $5-10 more per month.