SHM Web Control Center Decommission June 16th 2019

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SHM Web Control Center Decommission June 16th 2019

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know i received a email from Rogers saying that they will decommission the SmartHome Monitoring Web Control Center as of June 16th 2019.

They are doing this to have everyone use the SMH app on their phones and tablets.

However not everyone uses a compatible phone and just uses the touchpad or the web control. Just this morning I was using the Web Control at work. This seems like a step backwards instead of forward in my opinion. Had this system since 2015 and really enjoyed using the Web Control function.

Hopefully with this Rogers adds more improved things on the app including new hardware since the cameras are about 2-4yrs old and most of their hardware are older too...


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Re: SHM Web Control Center Decommission June 16th 2019

Hello @Meowmix,


Thank you as always for keeping the Community apprised with upcoming changes.


At Rogers, we are always evaluating our products and services to make sure that you get the best possible experience. This means that, from time to time, we discontinue some of our more outdated products. For the best possible experience, please download the Smart Home Monitoring app.


You can find everything you need in the app. It has all the same actions, features and functions that you’re used to with the exception of accessing your insurance certificate. Starting June 16, 2019, you can access your insurance certificate through the Smart Home Monitoring app. Until then, simply log into your MyRogers account and go to your home monitoring to download it.


Hope this helps 🙂.