SE: Vivaz Pro = Grrrr

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SE: Vivaz Pro = Grrrr

Discontinued softwareSmiley Mad.. would rogers replace my phone? I bought it not knowing SE would discontinue support, also not compatible with my mac, cant get drivers or update my phone, plus the didgitizer is being retarded, wont recognize touches in the the middle of th screen. I do beleive my warranty covers that, but i dont want to have to wait months for a discontinued part to fix a discontinued phone that will need repairs in another month. It's only about three or four months old. I want a crackberry >:'( ..


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Re: SE: Vivaz Pro = Grrrr

Hello MaclcolmNDavies,


Welcome to the Rogers community,


I'm sorry to hear about your Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro issues. This phone is an in-store repair device. That means if the digitizer stops functioning correctly; at any point of time you can bring it to a local Rogers store and get the phone send out to the manufacturer for repair. If the phone is still under warranty and you do not have any physical or liquid damage to the device, repairs will be free of charge.


If you wish to upgrade your current device with a blackberry. I suggest you contact us at 1-866-931-3282 our customer service will be able to assist you in finding a device that fits you needs. 


I hope this helps,