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SD digital terminal will not authorize

I've Been Here Awhile

Last Sunday my sd terminal cooked and had to be replaced. I was given the SA 940 SD terminal as a replacement. Took it home, connected the cables, and applied the power. Called in  to authorize the box. Automated attendant informed me the box was authorized. Repeated this process for a few hours. Called tech support. We went through the drill a few more times. No Joy. Was told to leave it overnight. Well knowing that wasn't gonna help, waited overnight, went back to Rogers. Terminal was replaced. Process repeated at nauseaum, tech visit scheduled for Friday, yesterday. Technician came, repeated process, same result. Tech got annoyed, said it was maintenance issue, grabbed one of the sd terminals, slammed the door and left. Called tech support. Informed a ticket was opened and they would let me know when it was resolved. Great! So, now 6 days without a resolve, and no information on what I was told was an outage in my area. Strange as my nextbox is functioning. Is it possible that with the numerous swapping of terminals, that the serial number in the system does not match that of the terminal, and hence won't authorize? Help please...





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Re: SD digital terminal will not authorize

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Hi @Rickygp17


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Let's get this resolved for you.


What's the message on your TV when you turn on the box? Black screen? Have you tried swapping the box to other outlet  to rule out equipment or your outlet connection?


Let us know and we can asssit further!



Re: SD digital terminal will not authorize

I've Been Here Awhile


I have tried it using the feed for the nextbox and problem persists. The technician performed signal tests on the line and apparently the signal strength is ok. 

The actual message is "your Explorer settop is NOT AUTHORIZED for use."


The only thing I do not know is whether the serial number on the terminal is input into the system.


Re: SD digital terminal will not authorize

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If the nextbox works on that outlet and the SD terminal and its replacement don't that either means both SD terminals are faulty or the serial for the SD box is not entered properly.  It can't be a maintenance issue (bad cable) because tech says signal is good and nextbox works.  I would call Rogers and give them the serial of the nextbox that works.   That should lead them to your real account. They may find they have been entering those SD serials into the wrong account which is a different neighbourhood entirely and hence the authorization signals are not reaching those SD terminals.  That's my take on this situation.  good luck

Re: SD digital terminal will not authorize

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Resident Expert

Also, activation should be immediate. Whenever I call in to activate a STB for me or a client, I always wait on the line.  It only takes a few seconds and if it doesn't activate in that time, then you can immediately check other things like signal, serial number, etc.

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