SD Box restarts every night

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SD Box restarts every night

My Explorer 3200 turns off probably 5 out of 7 nights a week.  When I get up in the morning, I have to manually power it on and reset the volume settings - the clock is on, but the device is off.  I was finally up late enough to see it happen, and it is 3am....which, I learned from Rogers Support after a 27 minute wait, is just software updates.  What I want to know is - is this normal for everyone?  I mean, should I expect to have to power on my digital box nearly every morning for the rest of the foreseeable future?  If that's the case, I don't think I want to play this game....



BTW - I  tried searching, and didn't find a satisfactory answer, so I hope the internet forgives me if it sounds like a repeat.


Another 'afterthought', in addition to the "btw" - I am not new to the internet, or to technology.  I realize that it sounds like I might be, when I say I have the 3200.  Trust me, it gets better when I say I have a six million pound 27" Trinitron TV (and a 7 year old Satellite running XP Home).  I get that my MAIN devices don't scream with any capability, but if anyone has any ideas why my cable box is having an attitude, I'd appreciate it.  If you think it might be solved by swapping, that'd be great, but I think they don't even make stuff for my six million pound TV. 


Suggestions are most welcome.  I'm just broke and lazy, not oblivious to the technology.  So if I need to upgrade the cable, I can swap it out.  Comments about my resident devices will be met with indifference, or more likely, appreciative sarcasm.




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Re: SD Box restarts every night

Nothing wrong with your stuff. 🙂  If you have it, and it works for you, thats what is important 😄


As for the reboots.. Yeah.. almost all the boxes, update over night.. getting new guide info.. sometimes software updates, etc.  It is fairly normal.. and upgrading the box, really wont avoid it much 😞
I think the new NB3 pvr doesnt do it quite as much.. but.. its a big step up price wise, etc.. its not necessarily worth the time/effort/money for it.