S3 upgrade to 4.3

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Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3

I would recommend against the 4.3 update - stick with 4.2 until there's a new release.

List of issues since the update:


- Delay after hitting home button

- Call display will not resolve names or pictures, when it does it will sometimes shows the previous callers information

- Unable to pick up some phone calls (screen seems frozen)

- When you save a new contact, it takes 20-30 seconds to update your Call Log with that information.  Much slower than before.

- The gallery is very slow.  It usually shows grey box placeholders, instead of the image thumbnail


The call display problem is the most annoying as it happens with 90% of calls.  Not being able to pick up the call happens 10-15% of the time.  Everything else seems really slow.


Really looking forward to an update to resolve these issues.

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Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3

Hello JohnnyAction

Hopefully Samsung sends out a updated fixing this. Like i have suggest to others, send this to Samsung Canada. See what they say. It won't be much but the more people complain to them, the more they will do something.
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Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3

Sounds like you guys all got off lucky with the update. Here is a list of my issues:


1. Battery not holding a charge.

2. After 6 hours on the charger it gets to 11% at most, and with Isssue #1 it lasts about 10mins off charger.

3. While on the charger, the phone will freak out on it's own and say it needs to be plugged in, and then a second later it beeps and recgonizes that it is plugged in.

4. While phone is off, it will show 100% charge after an overnight charge, upon boot it shows 11% once again.

5. The phone is extrememly sluggish, can barely make phones calls.


Those are on top of the Bad Cell Coverage, constant dropped calls, 30 second delay before calls will even go out and all the missed calls even if there is service.


Upon contacting Samsung Canada multiple times, I have done a Soft-Reset and Hard-Reset, both with no fix. I have been told that the phone will need to be sent in for a 10-day turnaround service on the phone, and that I would have to contact Rogers for a loaner phone while it is away getting repaired.


My next question is, why can they fix it at a factory, but not remotely? Also, who is going to replace my battery, as all these issues cannot be good for it.


I will never by another Samsung Phone, Goggle Nexus for me, which is another joke lol $150 more through rogers then google play store...like come on lol. I hate Bell, but I'm done with Rogers too now. The big three's greed and lack of competion, amounst each other is why we all pay the highest mobile fee's and have the worste customer service in the developed world.


Perhaps I might jump the ditch and grab a phone from there and grab a roaming plan...still cheaper then the plans here.

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Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3

Hello Antec

No is unless Rogers or Samsung will replace the battery. The batter has no problem, its the OS causing the battery to drain. Also at their warehouse / offices they use modified models of the phones then we have. They same internals but aren't the same. I do agree tho they need to fix this problem ASAP and send it out for a fix.

I would fully agree and understand why you don't want to use a Samsung phone. Remember this tho, u may want to do your research on other devices before getting them. Even the Google Nexus phones have issues and some never got fixed ( last year's model). So be careful and research on the devices before getting one.

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Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3

I don't know if I'm the only one having issues, but since the latest S3 firmware update my phone has been having issues.


Internet connection unstable warnings constantly

Camera flashes every time I get and email

Camera flashes with every phone call

Memory usage is worse than before the update

Battery life is worse than before the update (FYI i had to purchase the zerolemon battery just to make this thing useable)


I'm sure theres more that I am missing. If anyone can help me find a solution that would be great!



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Re: S3 upgrade to 4.3

Hello jhachkowski

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the device to see if that fixes it?