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Running coax via conduit at house

I Plan to Stick Around

No idea where to start on this one so I thought I've give this board a try.


Right now, as is typical, our coax feed comes from the pole to our electrical mast, comes down along it, ziptied but exposed, and finally runs into the grey box.


For security reasons I would like to have it come down inside steel or PVC conduit so that someone with a pair of sisors cant simply go "snip".


Is this something which Rogers will even entertain working with us on?  If so at what cost?


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Re: Running coax via conduit at house

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Retired Moderator



Thank you for your post, I can understand the concerns you may have.


We would like the opportunity to take a deeper look into your Rogers account and help you resolve the issue.

I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps. Please check our message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.



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