Rogers...your one step away from being ousted!

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Rogers...your one step away from being ousted!

Ok, so I just sent you guys a payment.  I realize that I owed you for 2 months...but really, it seems like your bills come 2x a month!  Its on me, but it seems like its hard to keep track.


Look, I also realize the petty things you do to get your customers attention when they owe you money....not just calling, but shutting down the PVR every night?  How about blocking some of the channels?


Rogers, you are an overpriced service that have gotten away with little competition for far too long.  I suppose we can thank, in part, our CRTC - which reminds me,  passing on that fee to your customers is also wrong.


For now, keep my bill at the discounted rate given me late last year.  Otherwise, I'm through.


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Re: Rogers...your one step away from being ousted!

To discuss your rate, you would have to contact them directly, no one on here can do that for you.

Almost to the day, the bills come in the same every month.

Rogers prices, while high compared to the small competition, their rates are very much the same as the other big ones.

As for the shut off, everyone on the new pvrs get the reboot every night. That's not them doing it because of your lack of payment.