Rogers unable to activate modem over the phone?

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Rogers unable to activate modem over the phone?

I upgraded my modem yesterday at my local Rogers store but when I got home it would not connect.  Called support and found that the modem was not properly activated because there was an open ticket on my account.  The agent said that within a few hours the ticket would be closed and then he could activate the new modem.  5 hours later still no connection, called again and spoke to another agent who said that the ticket was still open.  She managed to cancel the ticket and that freed up the account for the modem to be activated, but then oddly told me I have to go back to the Rogers store to get the modem activated.


I don't understand why this wouldn't be able to be handled over the phone?  I wasn't able to get to the store before closing yesterday and today due to a marathon in the area and road closures, I won't be able to get there until 4pm.  Is there nobody I can talk to that can activate this modem without going to the store?  This seems really ridiculous.




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Re: Rogers unable to activate modem over the phone?

Hi @compuryan

I can understand your frustrationand  I’m sorry to hear about the run around you’ve had to deal with to activate your modem.

Is your modem still not able to connect online? 

Can you try plugging modem in again and see if you are able to get online.

Let us know if that works! Smiley Happy



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Re: Rogers unable to activate modem over the phone?

Unfortunately, I've been through a similar occurrence.  For some reason, if the transaction at the store is not completed, the customer service rep that you reach via telephone is not able to complete the transaction.  Its almost as if there is a lockout on the account, where the transaction can only be completed by the Rogers staff member that initiated the transaction, or that can only be completed by that particular store location.  That is something that needs changing.

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Re: Rogers unable to activate modem over the phone?

I've dealt with this before - from what I can tell, the Rogers system is set up in such a way that closing a ticket triggers all kinds of essential things in the provisioning system. If, as happened to me, a technician leaves without closing the ticket for some reason, then the modem won't be properly provisioned... but I would think they should be able to close the ticket on the phone. 

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Re: Rogers unable to activate modem over the phone?

Yeah, weird that they cant close it... at least say a manager level maybe needed, etc. (as to not inadvertantly close ones that shouldnt be)


But many things are triggered via the closing of the ticket.

When i went from the old express to the first hybrid plans.. went from the SMC modem, to the CGN3.
I had to have a tech out for the install, due to the rogers home monitoring, make sure thats all set up properly.

So was 3 days after the call... those 3 days.. yeah was still on the old plan, etc.
Tech came in, installed the modem, checked everything, then closed the ticket.
Loged into myrogers and it was then changed over to the new plan, etc. (which that morning, it has not been).