Rogers throttling photobucket?

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Rogers throttling photobucket?

I have been a rogers customer for about 3 years and have found they have extremely slow upload speeds no matter which sites I use for uploading but the one I use the most is Photobucket. I had Express which is 512Kbps up but on photobucket I would only get 50-70Kbps and if it was a video upload it would often stall before finishing. 


I ran a speed test from which showed I was getting the full down and upload speed advertised yet in a real world scenario whenever I tried uploading, I would get a fraction of the speed.


Recently I travelled to Nova Scotia and was using Eastlink's internet. I uploaded some data to photobucket and got about 200Kbps upload speed! Shocking difference.


I just upgraded to Extreme speed with Rogers which advertises 1Mbps up. I tested uploading with photobucket again and this time finally got up to 170Kbps which sounds a lot better BUT after a short time the speed mysteriously declined down to about 120Kbps...throttling maybe???


I should be able to upload at least somewhere close to the 1Mbps range but I'm not getting anything close. I have a huge amount of evidence here that it is a problem with the Rogers network and I want this problem solved. Now I am paying more money and barely  seeing any improvement. Uploading photos and videos is very important to me because we live far from our relatives and this is how we stay connected. Having fast upload speed is becoming more necessary with the evolving use of the internet and Rogers needs to get with the times. They are a tech company and should know this.


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Re: Rogers throttling photobucket?

This also could be something on photobuckets end doing the throttling as well, limiting rogers IP range's upload speeds (they may have had some spam attempts comming from rogers IPs, so have limited them to help stop this.)

The only reason i say this, is that your speed test it showing around the right amount, the site shouldnt be limited that much, unless someone is throttling it.  It could be rogers, i wouldnt completely dicount it, but it could be the other end as well.


Rogers is working on upgrading its network.. there are some that have got faster up to 10mb already in a few select areas.  They need to do infrastructure changed to support it though, it is unfortunately a VERY slow process, so we cant expect it any time soon though 😞