Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

I have been having the same problem lately in Richmond Hill, ON. There are so many wow players that go through rogers, if all of them want to switch to something else, then lots of customers will be gone...why isnt this being fixed faster?


I can log on fine, but i get to play for a total of 1 minute before lag hits and i cant do a single thing but chat.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

I don't know what you are saying but if you mean you cant get a live person other than chat to answer a question which is not on rogers list. I am a senior. I got a Door for seniors. I am trying to find out how to chain dial. I cannot find out and I've already spent almost two hours. The chat was no good. They gave me the Door number and Door couldn't help. Rogers can now forget about complaints because no one can get past the chat.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

The fact that Rogers allows critical comments on its forums is very impressive. And the fact that I got an email response from Rogers when I emailed its president is also impressive. I will attach the email response below, after cutting my email address and name out of it. They suggested that I remove the P2P flag in my WoW game. I didn't realize that was possible, I didn't even fully understand the point, until today, since I don't use P2P software. So I turned the flag off to disable P2P in WoW. However when I do that, the game crashes(!). Your results may be different under Windows, as I run the Mac version of WoW. The message thread below was from two months ago. Rogers still hasn't fixed the problem. I get DC's every hour, but it feels like I'm getting throttled every five minutes (though that is hard to prove). I've stuck it out with Rogers for a long time, but I'm finally thinking seriously about switching. The only thing is that it's difficult to be sure the problem won't go with me since Bell also throttles and some other companies are resellers of Bell and Rogers equipment which means they may be affected also. One option I'm considering is cancelling WoW (temporarily) and telling them that the reason for cancelling is the Rogers ISP throttling issue is still unresolved. I can always rejoin later (even a week later) without losing my WoW characters.



Date: March 29, 2011 2:30:54 PM EDT
To: x
Subject: RE: Feedback to you on Rogers throttling


Hi x. Ken forwarded me your email and I'd like to thank you for your
time in providing your input. 


We indeed do know how important this issue is and are doing our best to
resolve.... we appreciate everyone's patience. Please be assured that
this is only a temporary situation for those who are impacted and we are
working closely with game manufacturers and our equipment supplier to
get this resolved. 


As you read, we believe this occur when P2P is running while
simultaneously playing the game. We suggest customers turn off the peer
to peer setting within the WoW game and ensure no other P2P file sharing
applications are running while playing WoW as a temporary solution. WoW
does use P2P for software updates, but with this setting changed you
should continue to automatically receive software updates through other


We very much appreciate your busy and do apologize if this has caused
you any issues.


----- Original Message -----
From: x
To: Ken Thompson
Sent: Mon Mar 28 18:50:27 2011
Subject: Feedback to you on Rogers throttling


I just want to let you know, for your own benefit, that if I learn or
suspect that Rogers is throttling my WoW traffic, I will switch ISPs in
less than 24 hours. It's that important. I won't even give Rogers a
chance to fix the problem.




I have been dealing with large latency values the last few weeks (which
is bad). Latency rates are far more important than bandwidth rates. But
ISPs don't even publish their latency values.


I don't expect a reply. I'm sure you already know why this issue is
important to people. I'm writing this in the hopes that Rogers learns
the importance of not throttling its customers. I hope to remain a customer.
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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

If Rogers didn't allow critical comments on its forums, the forums would be entirely void of comments.


Your email from the Office of the President, as well as my correspondence with them, indicates that they are very FAR from the "front lines" and are also very FAR from customer level. It shows greatly with their lack of knowledge of not only Rogers services, but their lack of knowledge in regards to current events dealing with Rogers itself.


From your email response, it's just more of the same. "Disable P2P otherwise nothing else will work."


Currently, P2P appears to be able the only thing to work consistently, so I might as well leave it on at this point.


It's also nice to see that the office of the president is also insinuating that the "fix" that was handed down by Rogers does indeed not work.


Rogers, I don't know where the fault lies, but this issue has been affecting me for 6 months now. January to June. There seems to be complete incompetence within Rogers. I don't know at which level, but it's affecting all customers.


My internet problems are not my only current issue with Rogers' services and the company as a whole, but it is the one that affects me the most.


For those of you in the Brampton area, I have received confirmation from TekSavvy that they are now servicing our area. It might be worth a try. TekSavvy does not throttle, does not have low caps, offers an unlimited teir and doesn't suffer from this issue.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Ya im moving somewhere where get a ton of other ISP's Goodbye roger sin July enough is enough!! Im through with them Teksavvy is giving me unlimited Cap for less than i was getting for like a 90 gig cap really sad...and no throttling WOOT..Im finally free!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Hello. I have disconnections every 10 seconds in online games, such as Lineage 2 and Wolrd of Warcraft. They worked perfect in any internet providers, but know i use rogers and they not working, and i can't use another company in this apartment.I saw topic with the same problem, and it was fixed :   .  Please fix it for me.  Thanks.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

CRTC is now giving Rogers 1 week to respond.


Hopefully, this'll be resolved soon.  I'm getting tired of this, and my sister is tired of not being able to play.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Where is the Dislike button or thumbs down button at????.....

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Rogers' Network Engineers can feel free to add these following titles to the list of games that are currently being affected by this issue:


Spiral Knighs (Sega)

Champions Online (Cryptic Studios)


Every time I attempt to try another online game, I find out that it is also being affected.