Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Hello all,


Some of our customers  have made us aware they have experienced problems with Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.  

Starcraft is undergoing the same testing by our network engineers as World of Warcraft did.  

Rogers had previously developed, tested, and were ready to deploy a solution that would have resolved the issue.

Unfortunately, due to an update to Blizzard’s software, our solution was not successful.

We are working with our supplier to solve the problem customers are experiencing with World of Warcraft.


Thank you for your continued patience with this issue.


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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft



What update are you referring to? The update that reverted the ports used by Blizzard products BACK to what they were before this entire issue started?


Let me lay this out as I understand it. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.


Blizzard was using two ports (and a range of ports) for most, if not all, of their games. 3724 and another one that I am to lazy to look up right now. 1119 or something.


With WoW's patch 4.0.1 Blizzard modified this to include a range of different ports which, if I recall, also included the previous ones. It caused issues with some ISPs which were for the most part cleared up in a few days. Blizzards stance on the changes stayed for a quite a while. They were willing to work with all ISPs to assit in getting their systems up to date with the changes.


Due to the incompetence of some ISP's (cough cough) they reverted this change fairly recently and went back to the original ports.


Bassicly, if there wasn't a problem BEFORE the change, why should there be a problem now.


The only other thing I can think of would be the change to how instances communicate with the clients of which I am fairly sure they only turned on for a day or two before reverting it.


Less cryptic response to a now 16 page thread would be nice...

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Actually, to clarify things;



August 2010: Blizzard changed the ports wow connects (adding 4 ports previously not used). There were no problems then connecting on a Rogers account.



October 12, 2010: Patch 4.0.1 is released. This patch changed the patching process, and added streaming. Still, no problems connecting on a Rogers account.



November 2010: People start experiencing issues. In between game patches, so it wasn't Blizzard's end.  At approx the same time, Rogers Keith states on DSLR that they're inadvertently packet shaping non-p2p traffic.



February 2011, Blizzard reverts to using only 2 ports for connecting to World of Warcraft (no longer using the 4 ports they added in August 2010). Still can't connect properly on a Rogers account.



I really don't know what 'update' would prevent you from rolling out a fix to people, unless its so important you want to close off ports no longer being used by Blizzard, while forcing people paying for your service to sit and wait for a fix they've been waiting for for months. 


I really hope that everyone who's complained gets some sort of credit from Rogers.



Also, Please stop attempting to deflect the cause of this problem onto Blizzard. This is NOT because of anything that was done on Blizzard's end. This is 100% because of inept employees at either Rogers or their supplier.



Also #2, I'd appreciate it if your Customer Service Reps would stop lying to me in PMs.  I don't appreciate it, and its rude.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Blizzard's "change" was to accomidate Rogers, they reverted to their previous 2 port deployment. Any "fix" implemented by Rogers would still have corrected the outstanding issue.


Now, when exactly is Rogers going to contact Blizzard to discuss the problem, rather than rely on your suppliers to identify the problem. Your "faithful" customers are out of patience, the longer this issue procrastinates the more customers will switch to an alternative provider.


Roger's is definately showing a lack of professionalism here, all of the other ISPs have long since corrected the throttling issues.


Perhaps someone with connections can report this fraud to Global TV's consumer SoS.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Hey guys, just wanted to add to this.


Its not only World of Warcraft that is being affected by this. I currently play Heroes of Newerth and have seen numerous posts popping up on the forums regarding rogers users being unable to play the game during certain hours. I hadnt had any problems myself, up until about a week ago, when all the sudden I would constantly be getting what HoN players refer to as "mini-disconnects." You lose complete control of your character although the game its self continues on around you. This has basically made the game unplayable for me and many other rogers users.


Originally people were saying that issue was limited to USEast servers, but now it seems to affect no matter which server I play on. Its unrealisitic for me to log on at 1-2am just to be able to enjoy the game.


Here is a link to the main thread.


From the HoN website:

You'll need to allow outgoing traffic to ports 80 (login/update), 11031 (chatserver) and 11235-11335 (game servers)

Not sure if this helps at all.


Sadly this is very reminiscant of 5-6 years ago when I was on Rogers before I switched to Bell. I was playing games and my ping to the servers were fine, however my game was incredibly laggy. Every time I called Rogers, I was given the old "The problem is on your end, its your computer or the game, and that no one else had been reporting anything similar" which I actually believed for a while.


That was until I found DSLreports, which was full of other gamers on the Rogers Network, who were experiencing exactly what I was. There were hundreds of posts from gamers in the GTA outlining the same symptoms I had. I basically spam called Rogers, until I got in touch with a high up supervisor who admitted to me that they knew the problem existed and had something to do with VoIP testing. I switched to Bell however the great people at Bell just ended up pulling a bait and switch on me, so I dropped their service, now I am stuck with PoS rogers again 😐


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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Oh..  And if you're trying to blame your supplier.....


Cisco pushed their patch through that fixed this way back in November.....


Protocol #23    "World of Warcraft"


And Juniper is quick to fix things like this...


So theres NO excuse whatsoever why this couldn't/shouldn't have been fixed sooner.

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft


You, sir, are the epitome of "Rogers Customer Service". By this, I mean no service to the customer at all.


First, you blame Blizzard for the problem. Saying it had nothing to do with you. I quote "Indeed, a software update from the game manufacturer may be required as the issue is not something we would be able to correct on our end." Emphasis mine.

Now, you say it actually WAS a problem with your end and you actually had a fix, but Blizzard made the fix ineffective. Even though, Blizzard changed nothing except stopped using some of the ports. The affected ports have not changed at all. 1119, 1120, and 3724 as I have posted numerous times in this thread.


So it's "all Blizzards fault", yet you could have fixed this ages ago, if you'd actually done any work, instead of just blaming everyone, including the customers and their hardware. Now, since you've been able to admit that it's your fault, can you please stop blaming your customers?


Also, will I get credit for the last two months of not being able to use this service because your "Network Engineers" seem to be completely incompetent?


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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

I would like to add my name to the list of people experiencing this problem and who, for the record, have absolutely ZERO faith in Rogers' ability to deal with it.  Heck - it took Rogers "experts" 3 months to determine the cause of line noise coming in to my house, and that's a fairly straightforward cabling issue.  


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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

Im going to cancel my services with rogers based on how they have dropped the ball lately... bad enough that up to about 2 months ago i couldnt play cod at all since the latancy was so horrid ppl on my screen would teleport around due to the random drops in data... but now i can literally never log on wow cause of it? and i have heard from several sources that they are more than likely ignoring the problem with wow players being able to connect? great customer service there guys! well you just lost my 200$ a month for tv/phone/internet.. hope more ppl grow a spine and cut their service to get their point across.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft


Also, will I get credit for the last two months of not being able to use this service because your "Network Engineers" seem to be completely incompetent?"


LOL thats a good one... with them blaming blizzard for the issue you really think they are going to credit us for the inconvinence? blood from a stone my friend... i only have internet to game and i cant do it... we pay fees to other companies that rely on internet services to produce a product for us so they are going to be effected by this because our isp is to retarded to fix the problem.