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Rogers smart home monitoring touchpad wont work

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Hey fellow customers!,


Well I had the Rogers Smart home monitoring service installed in my house last Sunday, all went well, understood everything that was told to us, i diconnected the power from the touchpad yesterday (done multiple times before) to move it, cause i tried to show my family the cool radio feature. when i tapped on the app it said no internet connection, this is the same with all the other apps except for the security one. When I click settings, it just comes up with the title "settings" on the top of the screen and the rest is black, with nothing. Is there something wrong with the service, or my home exactly?


Or can it be that the information on the news was right, about solar radiation knocking down satellite and other wireless connections, but if this was true, would the whole Rogers system be down?? Im completely confused :S


Re: Rogers smart home monitoring touchpad wont work

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

My pad is working fine.

It might just have dropped off it being connected properly.

Best would be to give in a call to the support.  Compared to Rogers regular tech support, the smart home guys have always been really good in my experience (more knoledgable).
They can walk you through things.. Likely maybe rebooting the other wireless router for it, rebooting the touch pad (may require removing the battery), etc.

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