Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

Hopefully someone from Rogers can chime in and let me know if it's actually impossible for me to keep my current plan and price, and get the new PVR. It's a bit of a long story, but please bear with me.


I'm on the Nextbox (2.0) "Diamond" package, with Internet, a free tablet, etc. etc...

By Nextbox 2.0 has been a piece of garbage (surprise), however lately it's been worse than normal... my official external extender has disconnected itself multiple times requiring a power cycle, I've had to power cycle the box itself 3 times this week due to it becoming unresponsive, etc etc...

I've been meaning to go in and swap for another box for a couple of weeks. But hey! Nextbox 3.0! Good timing right? Nope.

The local store rep had all the equipment in front of me, and as he goes to save the changes on my account, the computer is giving him an error. Says the 3.0 isn't compatible with my plan. He calls support, and same deal. They can only give me a replacement 2.0 because the new box isn't compatible with my "promo".

I try and get some info on exactly what this promo provides me, and if I can't just change my plan to a "compatible" one. I just want to know if that's a possibility, and if it will cost me extra, etc etc but get nothing but a bunch of "humms", and blank stares at the computer. Apparently it's difficult to even tell me what I pay for my TV portion of my bill, and how much a new plan would be, or if I even can change my plan (due to any possible contracts). 

Then he says that because it just launched today, it may be a computer glitch, and maybe somebody in the future can override the issue. Not a very satisfactory answer. So I ultimately left with a replacement 2.0 for now. It is behaving better than my old unit, but I'm not very happy. (Plus what if there weren't any 2.0 boxes in stock!)

The part that bothers me most, is that

1: I'm not trying to downgrade my plan at all. Just replace what is essentially the same equipment

and 2: This Nextbox 3.0 isn't some alternate, or higher tier service. In fact, on Rogers site, they don't even show the 2.0 anymore. So it seems clear that the 3.0 is replacing the 2.0. So don't leave a customer who has the top of the line package, with full internet, home phone and 2 cells to rot with some out of date hardware!

Very disappointed and frustrated. I don't even care that much about 8 tuners, but I need some hardware that can handle the software. I was going to call in and complain out of spite and principal, but I think it probably is best to wait a few weeks/months to let the reps get familiar with the situation. There must be others on my plan that will want the box. Hopefully down the road I can sort this out.

Anyways, thanks for listening to the rant. I suppose it's a bit of a warning for anyone else potentially on older legacy packages. You may have an issue if you don't want to (or can't) change your plan.


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Re: Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

There is an updating being released for the old pvr, do you know if you have the update?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

I do. It improved performance slightly. My old box was still definitely defective, and needing rebooted regularly. I've only had the new one overnight (it also has the new update). So I'm certainly hoping that it behaves better than my old box. 


But the principal still stands. 8 tuners was not my main motivation for swapping, but why can't I have that service if I want it? The tuners, along with a smaller size, and (by all accounts) a much more responsive system, I really want to get rid of the old Nextbox 2.0. It seems it would be easy enough to swap the equipment on my existing plan. And if it were somehow not, I was not even given the option of changing my plan.


I couldn't spend more money with Rogers monthly if I tried, yet they just look at me and say "sorry". It's not like I'm on some ancient, analog service.

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Re: Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

I am not 100% sure but I believe that your current promotion is a key obstacle that prevents you to upgrade to the Nextbox 3.0. I agree that it does not make any sense that the fact that you have this promotion should prevent you from upgrading your nextbox but it seems to be the case. I suggest you call Rogers and ask them how much would that cost you remove this promotion from your account (if you got free tablet, for example you would have to buy out this tablet). If the costs will amount to just pure hardware costs then it might make sense to pay them off, get rid of this promotion and upgrade to the new Nextbox.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 52

Re: Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

If the Tablet (or just overall "contract) is the key issue here, I can understand. But the principal of that whole situation is to ensure I don't move to a cheap plan. I'm not trying to downgrade. Just let me switch to what appears to be the new standard PVR and keep everything else the same. If the computer literally won't accept the new boxes code, then manually add the box and give me a credit. Or rebuild my plan from the ground up, and ensure I am paying the same. It doesn't seem like too much to ask.

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Re: Rogers says my Nextbox 2.0 plan is "incompatible" with Nextbox 3.0 box?

All the Rogers hardware and plans sometimes have restrictions.
IE the current listed web prices for Internet REQUIRE a d3 gateway. You CAN NOT add those plan levels on the old hardware, it will not allow it.

It MAY be something with that plan, much the same, which says needs to be a 2.0 and is not coded to allow the 3.0.

I know the diamond has had so e SERIOUS issues in the past as well with restrictions for some reason. The diamond as well, there is NO way to add the unlimited Internet addon, the coding just prevents it... Even though they meet all other requirements otherwise.

Only thing I can think is give it a week or two if you can. With it brand new, it may not be coded to work with that plan promo yet.

Could also call in, and ask to speak to a manger, and see if they can can push internally about having it added so the box can work with it.