Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Have you noticed how many costumers Rogers corp has? Read some articles. They have over 9mill costumers. Bell has 8mill or so.

Rogers was the firsy carrier to bring the iPhone in Canada & since then most of the costumers left the others & moved to Rogers. Now if you think about it 75% of Rogers costumers own a iPhone ( 3G,3Gs,4,4GS) They buy the product from the carrier they are with instead of pay a cancellation fee & then pay another large amount to go to another carrier.

Best Buy & Future shop barely carrier any Rogers iPhones in stock. They get the lowest amount unlike the others.

Actually Redjinnee if you open your eyes & actually read something for once Apple made enough phones for every carrier for the launch. ATT , Sprint & Verizon are all sold out & barely getting any in stock in the states ( since they company is originally form the states you would think they would get more right?)

Calm down. Stock will come but it will come in time. Just like Jun said Supply is short because of the many carriers they need to supply to & the demand is very high. It took Apple 4 months or so after launch last year to go back to normal & get everyone a iPhone 4.
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

After being stalled at 300 on the list after a week, I got lucky at 9:06 for two phones tomorrow at the Apple store.
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???


I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

I will tell you my story with the reservation system, which I will never use again! I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and was,  say 650 in Line. I was in no real rush to get. I just new that was the phone I wanted. A month later when I hear they are starting to roll out the reservation shipment of phone, I start to pay attention to my number slowly dwindle down to around 480. Then one day my status says "in progress". So now I see my order is going through and it is about to be shipped, according to the legend they give you. Monday or Tuesday rolls around and I receive an email saying the phone has been shipped and given a UPS tracking # to see where my phone is located. So I hop on the computer and log in only to find that my status in the UPS system says the package containing 18 items, (one being my reserved phone) is damaged or lost and they are contacting sender with the information. That was Nov. 4. I look at the same package in the UPS system and it still says the same thing almost 2 weeks later! No one contacted me to say, Hey the phone is not coming." Nothing!!!!! I had to take matters into my own hands and call around and find a store that had some in stock.

I know the reservation system is there to make things a little easier for the customers to pick a place where they know one will be to pick up. But when they do nothing to inform the customer that the phone isn't coming or the status of your phone once it says "shipped" in the reservation page, just plain sucks

So Rogers, hers to another 3 years on your over priced network with a great phone that Sammy built.

Just wished you cared about the customers and not the all mighty dollar bill!