Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Well I somewhat agree with this but at the same time I think people were misled to believe they would be first in line - this is on top of rumours spreading like wildfire due to lack of communication.  Obviously if 90% of the people here on this forum believe they are entitled to have the iPhone before those who line-up outside of the store then there is a problem with the marketing:


Though they didn't say which line, I still find the marketing tactic pretty sneaky.  And then on top of that, all of the other issues add up, like people complaining about other people recieving reserved phones first or this one:


You also can't tell me that the majority of this thread is positive:


I'd say that if you have this many people angry at something, then obviously there is something inherantly wrong with it, even on the chance that people are wrong.


I say if they are looking to improve the reservation system, they will need to:


1. Overhaul how they communicate between stores and corporate so that everyone is on the same page.  Reading these threads seem to point to miscommunications and stores not knowing what is going on


2. CLEARLY advertise the rules & regulations on how the reservation system works. Maybe even go as far as renaming it to something like "iPhone 5 Online Order".  There are too many implications with the word "Reservation" - obviously. Again, look at the links above. 


3. Put a cap on the reservation system or clearly state that the product is on backorder 


4. When disaster strikes I think it's important to provide frequent, clear and consice updates.  Otherwise people will just make assumption as to what is REALLY going on.  


I for one am kind of niffed at the whole ordeal - l was ready to lay down $200 to quit Rogers and buy a standalone phone but was enticed by the reservation system.  My current phone overheats once a week and I can no longer take photos with it so a new phone would be nice!  Unfortunately, I'll probably have to deal with this for another week - and well if I still don't have my new phone then I don't see why I should stay..


I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Hey Materatz,

I work for rogers and we are instructed as a store that if a customer waits in line for the Iphone 4s and we have them in stock we are required to process the iphone we do have in stock for the customer because they waited. If they have one reserved they simply just call in to cancel their reservation or if the device has already shipped we are to instruct the customer to call the location they are having the phone shipped to, to let them know they will no longer be needing the phone and they can just recycle it into their stock.

I know that the reservation system sucks because I hear back from people all the time, but I think the main reason why they created it was because some people didn't have time to call in store to store after the launch to find one, and they could just have one sent to their nearest location to be saved specifically for them.

It just solves lots of problems because I know that people were still calling in looking for the iphone 4 even just a couple weeks before the 4s came out and we didn't even have stock of those at the location I work at.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Missjdo: you should go talk to your colleagues at the yonge and eglinton store. They explained the exact opposite to me today, and they had stock. Or maybe they work by different rules.
I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

That's very nice to say now, I was told that if the iPhone 4S was shipped I could not cancel the pre order and I have to wait. I am still waiting, when I complained to Rogers they told me the same thing as you said but by then there were no iPhone 4S's.
Rogers reservation system was and is to screw the existing loyal customers.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

This is so funny... I understand the frustration, but how exactly is anyone being "Screwed"??? 


They've always said that they had allocation for the reservation system, and for retail walk-ins. 


My interpretation of the "reservation system" was to simply remove the hassle from having to wait in line for who knows how long, then wait forever in-store while their system comes to a crawl trying to set up thousands of new and existing clients (if you even manage to get a phone).  And if you don't then it removes the hassle of calling a dozen retailers daily to see if they have phones back in stock.  I think the system allowed people to choose between the "die hard fanboy in line route" or the "sit back and we'll let you know route".


Don't get me wrong I'm an apple fanboy myself and I LOVE my iPhone, it is easily the most used item I own.  But I am not such a fanboy that I NEED to have it on launch day.  I'm moving from a 3GS to the new 4S, so its quite an improvement for me.  I ordered two, and was able to pick up one on launch day, and just received notification this morning that my second one shipped.  Easy... and Simple...


And I am not trying to diminish people's complaints or perceptions, simply illustrating that when you sit back, and think about it, no one is getting "screwed".  Its not like they billed you $900 upfront and then waited 4months to get a phone in your hand.


So saying "Rogers reservation system was and is to screw the existing loyal customers" makes you sound like you're 14yrs old.  As if they sat around thinking "how can we dump a bunch of money into a sytem to **bleep** off our existing loyal customers"  Smiley Wink





I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Yes I agree the reservation system isn't working great for this launch. But part of it is Rogers was trying to avoid the issues of previous iPhone launches where stock was low.

The iPhone4s launch is very different as there is tons and tons of stock and everyone who wants one can get one.

Rogers didn't know they would get soo much stock up front as they never have before.

What happened this time is Apple had the phone ready for a june launch but IOS5 was not ready, they chose to hold off releasing the phone until IOS5 was ready, but they continued to manufacture it. Thus tons of phones ready for launch, notice they launched in the US at the same time as Canada and many other countries.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Read some of the comments in the previous Reservation System article on Redboard.


RogersMelanie said: You can reserve the device now at This will ensure you have a device at launch.


Maybe she meant at "lunch"... some day...?



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

One thing is certain, Rogers needs to work harder on internal communication, or harder ensuring their staff is up to date with their communications.


You can talk to 6 different people that work at rogers and get 6 different answers.  Dont get me started on the 2 week, dozens of calls it took to get my 3rd party motorola modem hooked up on the rogers network.  Now that was a total nightmare.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

I was #211 in line since beginning.
My iPhone just arrived at my store this morning
It appears I was just rushing everything
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers response to iPhone reservation fiasco???

Betard - you may not agree with the issues and complaints that people have around the reservation system. I personally think it was a fiasco that only served Rogers and not it customers. You can agree with me or not.

That being said, it is wrong to insult other by calling them childish and acting like a 14 year old. I could just a easily claim that your post made you sound immature too. State your opinion and leave the insults off the board.