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Rogers on demand not authorized

I Plan to Stick Around

I No longer have access to ROD. Tech support says my box is broken. There is no block on my account and signal is fine. When I turn to CH 100,180,300etc. I get the "you are not authorized to view this channel....." message.

I can't seem to believe him when he says it's broken when this is the only channel I have paid for that is not working.





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Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree with this in principle. As long as the supporting evidence that it is the customer's fault was solid. Your example of the person not knowing how to hook up a new TV (and by the way there are plenty of young persons who have problems with this as well) should absolutely have a charge. I can see the possibility for abuse though (taking advantage of people for their ignorance on the subject).

I'm NOT a Rogers employee; I was a satisfied customer, but not anymore.

Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Oh yes, I 100% agree on that.

Rogers is only responsible for the cable from the street to the house and Into the house. Then from the house outlet into the box. Anything outside of this, is customers and they should pay.

But people when they are having an issue, things are connected ok, no issues before, should not be afraid of asking for a tech out, as it is quite possibly from Rogers end. Anything from street signal, their hardware, etc.

Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

I Plan to Stick Around

I am having the same issue, I tune to 100 screen says, "not authorized, call 1 888".  I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a Cable tech yesterday, he could not find the problem.  He called 2 other departments at Rogers, and reviewed the situation with his associate.  Said there was no holds or any issue he could se.  Cable tech rep opened a, "tier 2" ticket.  


Today I call back to inquire on the status.  Right away the rep says there's an issue with billing, she calls accounts receviable.  That gentlemen fixes the issue in minutes.  Has no explanation as to why the several rep's I spoke with yesterday couldn't figure this out in 45 minutes.  Rogers rep's are very inconsistent.  Some are terrible, poorly trained, and will flat out lie to get customers off the phone rather than do their jobs.   I have major issues with Rogers service every year.  EVERY issue has been on the Rogers side.  


It's not the box, no one needs to visit your house.  Just keep calling until you get someone that knows what they are talking about.  Some times with Rogers you just have to call 3 or 4 times to get someone that is properly trained AND actually cares about doing things right.  

Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

I Plan to Stick Around
My first time on here, and looking for some advice: Our Rogers on Demand switches to Black and White whenever we try to rent a movie or watch anything on Demand. Told Rogers, and they sent me a replacement box and it does the same thing. Any ideas from the folks in this group?

Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

The display/picture turns black and white?  Thats a new one.. never heard that one in particular.

Now, that you have replaced the box.. that iliminates that in general.

What type of connection are you usign into the TV?  And this does not happen with regular TV watching?


One thing worth trying, as some others have had luck in general with RoD issues.. is have them remove your TV from your plan and add it back on, seems to kick start some things (mostly not authorized messages)

Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

I Plan to Stick Around
I recently encountered the same issue with a customer. i did a little research with csr and found that there was a original Pay Per view block on the account, this block tied into all the rod channels, csr had to dig deep to find the ppv block code and remove it, once it was off , we reauthorized and power cycled all the boxes. All ROD channels were now working.

Re: Rogers on demand not authorized

I Plan to Stick Around

I can access to Rogers On Demand on channel 100, however, channel 300 it was replaced with Shomi in 2014. Then I can select one of the video-on-demand services, some were even have "Not Authorized - To order FJROD service on channel 217, please call (888)764-3771.", this happens on some unsubscribed channels.

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