Rogers new Nextbox 4K and lack of features

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Re: Rogers new Nextbox 4K and lack of features

In my own research, my understanding of what happened is that they had developed the IPTV in house, on the Nextbox, but when they attempted to alpha test it with testers on the existing network, it completely failed and they could not run it in the "wild", which means out of the lab testing and internally.


This meant that we remained stuck with the existing mis mash of versions of Scientific Atlanta, Cisco Nextbox 2 and 2 PVR, 3 and 3 PVR, 4K and the technicolor 4K PVR.


It was a downhill slide from day one when they attempted to roll out the Nextbox Cisco box on Espial Navigatr guide software and they never did implement the middleware software from Espial. This would have taken them to IPTV with Espial on existing boxes, and Espial produces their own boxes, so I would suspect they would eventually roll out their whole model as IPTV, or a mix of broadband and IPTV.


Well, it never rolled out into the wild on that one either, so Rogers tried to clean up the mess by taking it all in house, and the outcome was IPTV implementation completely failed and was dropped, and then we all got left with the cobbled together Navigatr on Netbox variants with all of its issues.


So Rogers was left with starting all over again and dumping the whole plans for the existing model and went with Comcast X which was already established and tested in the US with Xfinity and others, but to go forward, they also had to complete the upgrades to the Internet foundation required to run the new model and that has taken time too and is still not fully stable as one can see in the threads on the beta testing on the various Hitron modems.


There is no question that there has been a lot of blunders and failures along the way, not all of Rogers doing - Cisco sold out their set top boxes to technicolor while Technicolor has their own software and hardware model, so doubtful they would desire to support the Rogers implementations of Cisco over the long run, the Espial implementation did not pan out as expected on the Cisco foundation and no Cisco to support moving it forward, so it went all in house, and ultimately failed, while Intel had issues with the chips in the Hitron and they are still working hard to get it all in place.


Oh yeh, and remember that there are no replacement boxes for the Nextbox from Cisco, so every box we all get is refurbished, except for the 4K PVR which is Technicolor.  And there is still Motorola boxes in the mix, and everything is basically waiting for next year.


So I can see why people are getting discouraged and tired of it all with the waiting.  I was discouraged over 2 years ago when they initially dumped the Navigatr on one block of customers in Toronto area, and when it failed, would not roll it back, and then took over 1 1/2 years to get it even stable, and all along the way, we got to watch each new batch deal with issues as they rolled it out, now you don't know if you get a 2 or a 3 if you take on a new service (I got a 2 not a 3 recently as an add-on), and all the while we watch prices rise and quality of service fall as well as value in the product of TV selection fall.


So, legitimate concerns and complaints all of you.  you can wait for Rogers to get Comcast out, not knowing what it will cost, but expect that it will fall in around the price increase to my current discounted plan - in the US, Xfinity rolled it out at same price as broadband cable, and have maintained the choice - rogers says at moment we have choice of keeping our old system and equipment initially.  And Bell is pushing like crazy in Ontario to get FTTHome in place for full 1 GB Internet and faster upload speeds, and are targetting full implementation as Rogers on the ComcastX.


So for now, it is unknown how the new model will roll out, and price and quality of service is the deciding factor for many.


As I said, legitimate concerns all of you - we have promises of things to come, but right now, we live with what we have from Rogers, or we jump ship.