Rogers is scamming

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Re: Rogers is scamming

@Gdkitty wrote:

But that is one reason i also choose not to use pay as you go, as i know that information is not available, etc.
(i am one of those people, who checkes my account details.. usage, etc.. for everything... every other day, if not every day.)

I'm the same - which is why this is excrutiating for me.


And one has to wonder if your atittude (not meaning that in a negative way towards you) is exactly why there is reluctance / no rush to improve the PAYG infrastructure. It's no secret providers want you on contract, and even moreso now that they've been de-fanged by the CRTC, so PAYG service / support remains sub-par and frustrating.

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Re: Rogers is scamming

I have used a cell phone.. well almost since the begining.
Our family, owned one of the 'shoebox' cellphones, was the size of a shoebox almost, big battery, cord running to the phone.  And have had my own, since not long after that... way back when only ANALOG was available.

I have had/used pay as you go, a good chunck of the time in the past... it FIT my usage lifestyle.

But i am also in IT.  And as things progressed.. there is more and more i wanted to DO with my phone.

With my first switch to a SMART phone (early win mobile stuf like the TREO, first gen blackberries, etc).. quickly pay as you go, wouldn't fit my bill anymore.

(even to compare now, take their talk, text internet plan.  I pay $5 more than that for my postpaid (a plan no longer available mind you, but grandfathered), but gain unlimited local ANYTIME calling, and +1g of data)
Once you start moving away from some BASIC usage (or more time restricted).. it can become more costly.

Is this 'the plan' to keep people on postpaid instead?  Possibly.
Only real way, would be for EVERYONE to change over, teach them by showing them what you mean by those actions...

But in the end, i would end up paying more for what i use..
Am i going to go with what works best for me, even if its not what 'should' be done? Maybe.. maybe im selfish.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Rogers is scamming

@Gdkitty wrote:

Am i going to go with what works best for me, even if its not what 'should' be done? Maybe.. maybe im selfish.


Phone cost.
I would say, most people in north america, have no idea, what the REAL cost on alot of these devices are. 

People are used to the contracts here.. and getting subsidized for their phone.
With post-paid.. you need to buy the phone outright.... it will be a BIG shock, to people wanting the best.. then realizing it will cost them $650+ do to so.

I'll reply to your other comment here as well - since it makes more sense in this thread.


The whole point of capitalism is to do what's best for you. Doesn't make you selfish at all.


But I'm also a long-time smart-phone user, and stayed on contract for so long because I thought prepaid was for grandparents and drug dealers.


My old bill was $100/mo. My avg month usage was <100min voice, eleventy billion txts, and between 1-3GB data.

The BIGGEST change was everyone I know switching to a txting app. Now I use <250 txts/mo. Second, being careful with data use (thank you Android data tracking) and having wifi at work/home, I got my data down to about 1GB a month. When I use daytime voice, I use Skype (data).

My bill now: $30/mo for 1GB data, and $5/mo for 250txts. I purchased an $80/yr unlm evenigns and weekends voice plan. But because that's a one shot deal, I don't see it every month...and my bill feels like $35/mo. From $100, that's huge.

I know people who couldn't do 1GB of data, but even getting 2 or 3 isn't going to put me close to what I was paying before.


And you're absolutely right, hardware subsidies are what keep people going back to contract. People think it's a discount - but somebody (maybe you?) described it MUCH better as a loan. Researching prepaids, I found that building a package similar to most contracts always came out $15-20 less for the same items. You are absolutely paying Rogers a premium on your contract to decrease your Flextab. Maybe why Rogers won't let you keep your account/contract plan once your Flextab is paid up.


Bottom line, you need to do what's best for you. But I think people don't always have all the information (I didn't), and providers certainly aren't making it easy.