Rogers is rolling out a new guide

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

All boxes in the NB family are hybrids and can handle IP streams.


If the rollout was IPTV, there'd be a whole lot more fanfare than just a new guide.

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

This may possibly be an intermediate spot?

Its possible that the previous guide could not handle any of the IPTV stuff.. (even though the hardware is capable)

This may allow them to do an easier transition that way.

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

^ I agree with @Gdkitty ... I think that might be it...
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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

My reading of the technical documentation is that RTN would have worked fine with IPTV....the guide, technically, is a user interface that shouldn't care what's bringing the signal in.


Either way, my guess is that its either a) a new skin on RTN Voyager Vantage (which is why the Modern guide was axed...they're simply reskinning the Classic guide). or its a new evolution of RTN Vantage.  The company that made the browser it was based on (ANT Galio) was bought by another middleware company (Espial) so we're seeing their technology incorporated into RTN.


Or it could be something completely different.  We'll see next week.

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

@Gdkitty wrote:

Looks interesting!

If it actually RUNS as fast as it does on the video, that will be nice.


Seems to have an extra line of stations at a time? (5 vs 4?)

The mini guide is interesting.  Allows you to do a more full screen watch, while looking up guide stuff.


The recordings menu looks really interesting.. more netflixish.. would be cool if those boxes showed images eventually 😄



Gdkitty, the Guide already displays 5 channels at a time. Classic view & Modern.


@ShakTib wrote:
Exciting!!! 😄




I received an email from Rogers recently announcing this coming soon "Navigatr" and my reaction was "Oh, ok". Then in typical Rogers waste-of-time/waste-of-money fashion, we received an envelope-enclosed 1-page (colour) letter in the mail earlier this week. Probably around the 15th piece of addressed junk Rogers has sent us this year. I'd gladly take a bill reduction in lieu! Now THAT's something I could get excited about!


I wondered what the point of the mailer was - it's hardly exciting news - there's no hardware change involved, there's no ground-breaking new features, we won't have to re-learn how to use our PVRs (a few things may not be as we're used to but the basic functionality will be the same), there's nothing we need to do to prepare ourselves and in fact nothing we can do. It's coming, and it'll be here when it gets here. So, the only(singluar) conclusion I came up with was that someone at Rogers thinks that spending money on a mail-out campaign will prevent a considerable number of customers jumping ship/ditching cable... THIS WEEK. Because after this week, with $0 spent, they'd have known about the change anyway, when they turned on their tvs.


I watched all 3 videos on and on YouTube found a 4th video, "Learn More About Your New Navigatr Guide!" [link]. My comments are:

  • video #1 - "Using the New Navigatr Guide":
    Guide: No functional change from existing Guide, just (unnecessary IMHO) layout redesign.
    - Mini Guide shows what looks to be 1.5hrs of current/upcoming programming vs current Guide's 1 item at a time - that's an improvement!
    - Mini Guide will disappear after 3 seconds, current version disappears after 8 (good, as 8 was far too long).

  • video #2 - "Recording with the New Navigatr Guide": 
    - Recording: no functional change from existing Guide (ooh, I take that back - they added a redundant "Record as scheduled" item as the 1st option when you press Rec twice on a program in the Guide).
    - My Recordings: Looks like they got rid of the ability to view recordings "By Date"/"By Title"/"By Channel". I hope not! Most of the time I do use "By Title", but sometimes it's easier to find recent or very old recordings by using "By Date". I only use "By Channel" as a workaround to an occasional glitch that prevents me from accessing some recordings due to a gap that can't be scrolled past. (Due to the redesign, that bug [link] looks like it will not need to be fixed, though I wonder: did the underlying reason for its existence need to be addressed, and if so, was it?)
    - Recordings: 'box covers' style reprentations for each recorded title rather than lines of left-to-right title/date/time/duration text that we currently have for individual programs. Seems everything is now in a folder (so for single episodes will we have to enter the folder to play it back.. meaning more button presses than currently?). In the demo in this video, even when they navigate into a "folder", the recorded date/time/channel info for each recording is not provided. [note: see "video #4" comments below as that video show most of the info IS displayed]
    - Recordings: the main piece of info that's displayed in each box, the title, is truncated, usually poorly and sometimes totally unnecessarily! That's also not good! Example: "The Waking Dead" is shown as "The Waking Dea..", with 2 dots taking up the space that the trailing "d" could have used. Example#2: "The Mindy Proje.." is displayed instead of "The Mindy Project". How/why do the 9 characters in "The Mindy" fit on Line#1 yet 7 characters of "Project" supposedly can't fit on Line#2? Mindboggling!
    - New is "NEW" beside unwatched programs/folders with unwatched programs. Current method is: blank when unwatched, partial or full square when partially/fully watched. I suppose we have to go into our current "By Title" folder to see which folders have unwatched items (all of mine would), and won't now - but it's hardly an "improvement", let alone anything to get excited about.
    - MENU button on remote: scrollable menus are removed; direct access to the current heading items will require 1 fewer button press than currently. Tradeoff is other options (currently displayed in the scrollable menus) will require more button presses to access.

  • video #3 - "Search with the New Navigatr Guide":
    - Remote's yellow "A" button now accesses Search - currently the "*" key (below #7) does the job. "A" is easier to reach.
    - new Search keyboard is 2 lines (A, B, C format), vs current 6 (also in wrapping A, B, C format). Not good - it'll take more button presses for many searches. Example: you want to search for "Survivor". OLD way: 15 button presses inc OK to get first 4 letters, NEW way: 18. Example#2: you want to search for "Big Bang Theory". OLD way: 8 presses inc OK to get the first 3 letters, NEW way: 13. Example#3: you want to seach for "Tour de France". OLD way: 15 presses inc OK to get the first word, NEW way: 25.
    - Search for entered letters still starts after the 2nd letter. Currently, no additional letters can be added while it is searching the Guide. The demo video shows the Results appearing almost instantly - I doubt it and if speed hasn't improved, it really would be better to start searching only after the 3rd character.
    - Looks like they've removed the "A" button = "Navigate Results" function, meaning 2 button presses will be required in order to navigate Results, rather than the current 1.

  • video #4 - "Learn More About Your New Navigatr Guide!":
    - Guide: (voice-over) "We've completely designed the layout to bring you easy to read titles.." - um, font looks no different, if anything the kerning (spacing between letters) may be a touch tighter (which would be harder to read). The channel name (abbrv) is squashed underneath the channel #, so it's harder to read, congratulations! I'm not sure if moving the inset live image from bottom-right to top-right and changing the Selected Item background from red to blue is deserving of applause, but I'm guessing probably not, unless you work for Rogers.
    - A more detailed Program Folder view is shown in this video than in previous videos.
    Here we can see the screen has 2 tabs, one for Recorded and one for Scheduled. That's a minor, but worthwhile improvement - as it saves having to press LIST again (to get to Scheduled Recordings) and navigating to the same folder.
    - The above screenshot also shows the selected Recording's recorded date/time/channel/duration. However, what is missing is the DAY (ex: "WED"). It's a small thing, but an important thing, that should be there, and had always been there before.
    - Here's the Recordings screen - beside the awful truncation (previously mentioned), notice anything else that ought to be fixed? (hint: same issue can be seen 3x). Anyone want to take bets on whether it will be like this next week on launch?!

So, all in all, "Lipstick on a pig", it seems. A couple of minor improvements but mostly it's just repackaging for the sake of repackaging, not necessarily progress.

Now if they've fixed all of the following long-standing issues, then I would be excited!:

.. just as I would be if they'd announced they were:

  • adding the ability to Schedule a Recording of a specific program on "Any Channel" that it may appear on, rather than just on the channel that the program happens to be airing on when you're setting the recording.
  • ability to save Search keywords (for quick access to your favourite/frequently used search terms), or
  • adding the ability to save Search keywords and have you automatically notified when the search term appears in the Guide (see ), or
  • adding a "trim saved Recordings" function, that would allow you mark and set new beginning and/or end point of a saved Recording, to trim a recording to only what you wanted to keep, to save space, or
  • reducing the height of the Playback Bar overlay - the black overlay unnecessarily covers almost 1/3rd of the screen, vertically (see )
  • adding the ability to easily and quickly clean-up old, unwanted Scheduled Titles, by Series. ("By Title" only shows Scheduled Titles that appear in the upcoming Guide, while "By Series" shows all.. and there may be dozens if not hundreds of Titles there, that must be each Cancelled (deleted) independently.

You know, stuff like that?.. things that would actually be USEFUL!

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide


Great post! I know there is one more thing you can add to your list. That would be the the ability to add a specific start time and end time when recording a program. I have had enough of adding 5 minutes, 15 minutes etc. I would like to start or end a program at exactly 1 or 2 minutes before the hour and end it at exactly 1 or 2 minutes after the hour. I can still do this on my older 8300 PVR but on our NB3 - forget it!


You are 100% correct in your "Lipstick on a pig" comment. I cannot think of one instance in recent years where Rogers has made a change that has been for the benefit of the customers that are actually using their services!

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

^ Thanks. And yeah, I was going to add that as one of the things that would "excite" me - as I know it's been suggested here before  - but when I realized I'd left it out, the Editing time window on my post had closed. It's a good idea though.. the current "Start" and "Stop" options are just one of many examples of "a programmer must have thought that up" because it's just not convenient to use. You can start a program 3 hours early, but not 1 minute early?? Scrollable options are good if they've logical (which they're not currently) but beyond that, our remotes have a number pad.. let us use the digits!!!


Looking at my post now, I see the 1st screenshot image I'd posted from 'video #4' is not displaying. I'm going to upload it to an image hosting site rather than directly to the forums. Here it is again.. and an additional thought is "Do we really need to be told THREE TIMES on 1 screen what the name of the program is?":


And, while I'm reposting images from that post...

When I posted the 2nd image (also under 'video #4'), I'd asked, "notice anything else that ought to be fixed? (hint: same issue can be seen 3x)". I've now noticed that there were actually TWO ISSUES visibile, not just the one I'd originally caught.. which was an unnecessary/incorrect 's'-ending on "1 Episodes", x3 folders.


I'm going to post below an un-cropped version of the same image, as it shows that there were 6 different Titles recorded -- matching the "Total Recordings (6)" -- leaving me wondering why 3 Titles are showing 1 episode, while the other 3 Titles have no Episode count present. Surely they must each also contain 1 episode!


Perhaps these things have been caught by Rogers beta testing team (haha, as other have wondered, does that even exist?), and unlike past versions, the release of this new Navigatr will be thoroughly tested, bug free, and totally awesome!


Yeah, one can dream....

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

If they changed the navigation of series to a folder i think the "1 new" is a new recorded episode and the "1 episode" means there's another scheduled to record. I don't think they mean the same thing.

Price is Right airs daily so on Monday.
"5 episodes" - scheduled
"1 new" - amount recorded on Monday.

On Tuesday it would say
"5 episodes"
"2 new"

Does that make sense? I guess it declutters but I really loved the by date function so hopefully it's still there it's just them lumping shows together but still sorted by date within the folder.
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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

@kso - It's a theory, but no, it doesn't make sense!


The heading at the top of the screen says: "NAVIGATR Saved" - so the screen shouldn't tell us anything about scheduled recordings. Otherwise that would be confusing!


To be honest I hadn't even noticed, as you evidently had, some of the "NEW" icons pictured had a # before them. I think I can explain that: program folders should show: Title, "# of total episodes in the folder", and at the bottom "# of NEW (unwatched/unstarted) episodes".


But that still doesn't explain why in this video 'Family Feud', 'Steven and Chri...' and 'NHL Hockey: Can...'  have no episode count given. And, now that I know there's a NEW count, it also doesn't explain why 'The Price is Right' has "1 NEW", while 'Family Feud' only has "NEW", uncounted.


Either it's because:

a) It's just sloppy mock-ups graphics thrown together by the graphics team making the demo video, or

b) because the Navigatr software really was that buggy when this video was made


Both are troubling: either the graphics team did a poor job or the Navigatr programmers did.

Whichever the case, Rogers was happy to publish the video like that. I just hope they have higher standards when it comes to the launch-version of the software.

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Re: Rogers is rolling out a new guide

In a Rogers Community Blog post this morning, the following information was posted:



When will I see NAVIGATR roll out to my NextBox?

  • Starting July 28th - Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton
  • Starting August 4th - Ottawa, Grand River area, London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Strathroy and Tillsonburg
  • Starting August 6th - Toronto and Etobicoke
  • Starting August 11th - Scarborough, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Barrie, Borden, Orillia, Keswick, Orangeville, Caledon, Grand Valley, Bolton, Collingwood, Elmvale, Midland and Owend Sound