Rogers is becoming Telus

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Rogers is becoming Telus

I've had my services for almost 5 years now. Have everything with Rogers. Recently moved cell phones over too - they volunteered to add 15% off of my other services because of it. Now that I dont want to keep my home phone I'm stuck with it for another 12 months because they gave me that discount.

I hate the answers the numb agents give you on the phone too "you must have been read the terms and conditions" really? because Rogers is so thorough in making sure the monkeys who answer the phone do their jobs? RIGHT!


SO I would have stayed for 10 years, but stick me in stuff I dont want to keep and you're just drumming up business for bell.



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Re: Rogers is becoming Telus

Hello there.

I understand you are upset & all but the discounts are given when you put all your products ( Cable, Cellphone, Internet & home phone) Together. Once you remove one from the package, the discounts goes lower or gets removed. This is something that everyone knows & Rogers even has its own page on the website explaining this..

I would not call the reps monkeys because they are just doing their jobs. Its a job & in the end if you do not like it with Rogers, then go with another carrier that you may like. No one is making you stay with Rogers. Correct?
You can always call & cancel what product you want BUT it will cost you a cancellation fee ( if needed) & the discounts will come off or get lowered. Every company does this.

& again i would not call them monkeys because they are ONLY doing their jobs. If i came to your work & called you a monkeys, would you like it? I do not think so.

Anyways in the end you are able to cancel whatever services you have with Roges. The reps are able to do this over the store or over the phone.
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Re: Rogers is becoming Telus

This is common with all the companies, that to get the discounts, you must agree to x period of time.