Rogers internet + Rogers cable = live TV on my PC?

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Rogers internet + Rogers cable = live TV on my PC?

I have Rogers internet & Rogers cable.


is there any way I can watch live TV on my PC?  (not ROD)



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Re: Rogers internet + Rogers cable = live TV on my PC?

Yes.  Purchase and Install a TV Tuner card/accessory into your Computer.  Once its paid for, you can then ask rogers or a contractor to install an additional outlet,  once the outlet is installed and everything is hooked up, you will get inferior Analogue quality 480i resolution 4x3 tv signals onto your PC. Hope That helps

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Re: Rogers internet + Rogers cable = live TV on my PC?



*shaking fist in brampton's general direction* 

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Re: Rogers internet + Rogers cable = live TV on my PC?



Neat idea!


ATI & nvidia have USB tuners for Coaxial input starting at $30. They also have video cards you can install inside your computer starting at $60.


Depending on how much you are willing to spend... you can get Coaxial, Component, s-video or HDMI input options.


You can connect a Rogers standard or High Definition digital box to these cards for amazing quality on your PC.


Also; since you already subscribe to Rogers TV and you have the internet, you can access television programs & movies online at no extra charge.





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Re: Rogers internet + Rogers cable = live TV on my PC?

Looking at diffeernt options to watch live tv news channels on my desktop. I like having a news channel running in a small window while doing other work 🙂
I am aware of a few potential options ( and issues):
a) Rogers Anyplace TV  - but they dont really include news channels at this point.
b) TV tuner cards - use to do this a while back (direct conenct without oa terminal) but it caussed to amy conficts.
c) OTA , but I dont want to invest in any such hardware.
d) IPTV Streaming via KODI/XBMC - yup ,really like this option - a work-in-progress- still a lot of hit and miss
e) Stream direact from the via news channel's web site with a Rogers account ( and sometimes a VPN/DNS service to hide IP address).
With regard to the latter, I am currenly playing with the following sites (and caveats as noted):
Note (1) - Works fine - VPN service if any, needs to be off
Note (2) - Works fine with VPN service on or off
Note (3) - No access
Anyone have any luck watching ABC/NBC/CBS news. Seems those links only work from the US. Even access via VPN doesnt seem to work ( for me anyway).
Any one have Live TV links for r FOX NEWS or City TV or CTV ? Again focus is news.