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I'm Here A Lot

I am a new Rogers bundle user of 3 days. Everything is working pretty well (TV, internet, phone). However, I am having problems with my email. I am using a 3rd party programme, eM Client. When I receive incoming mail a window pops up on the screen and I have to close it before the mail is shown.


See picture........................


Any suggestion appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions

Re: Rogers email

Problem solved by process of elimination (checking/unchecking boxes in Account Settings in eM Client). In the Calendar & Contacts window, leave the "Enable Service" box unchecked.


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Re: Rogers email

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Is any member of the Community able to assist  with their issue?



Re: Rogers email

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I would assume the settings it has, do not have the right email(username) and password entered.

Re: Rogers email

The correct email addy & password are used.


I gave a Rogers Techxpert acces to my computer and even he couldn't fix it. I am hoping somebody here has the answer.


Re: Rogers email

And you are getting mail? Its not failing in retreiving, etc?

ONLY thing i can think, is that some clients lately have been having SSL security certificate issues with yahoos updated certs.

Beyond that.. not overly familiar with that client.. so cant offer much more on the settings, etc.

Re: Rogers email

Yes, I am getting mail. The eClient program works perfectly, as it did with my previous ISP, except for the pesky window that keeps popping up.

Re: Rogers email

So, does the program collect the mail from the server despite the popup, or do you have to enter your credentials every time, in order to collect the mail from the server?


Re: Rogers email

It collects the mail automatically but I have to close the pop-up window to be able to read it. The pop-up prevents me from doing anything else on the computer. If I want uninterrupted browsing I close the eM Client.

Re: Rogers email

So its continually poping up?

Hmm.. THat is odd... definately failing in some form.

Do you know what the interval the client checks?
Just thinking back.. i know some people have had issues with thunderbird in the past, where it was checking too often and causing partial lockouts..

Re: Rogers email

It pops up at random but will always pop up when I click on "receive"..... It is driving me crazy. I may need to change programmes.

Re: Rogers email

Try running the program as an Administrator and see if the credentials window continues to pop up.

Re: Rogers email

Problem solved by process of elimination (checking/unchecking boxes in Account Settings in eM Client). In the Calendar & Contacts window, leave the "Enable Service" box unchecked.


Re: Rogers email

I've Been Around

We cannot get connection with Windows Live email. It won't accept the Password that we've beenusing for a long time now. Even when we change to a new one, it won't accept that.

Re: Rogers email

Hello @GandGG,

Let's check to ensure you have tried the correct password - please try the following:


 - Go to

 - Enter your Rogers e-mail address and click Next.

 - Enter your Rogers e-mail password and click Sign in.


Were you able to log into your Yahoo mail?

Re: Rogers email

I Plan to Stick Around


I have Roger Wireless and  Rogers Internet service. I want to create Roger/Yahoo email account. As per procedure it required "S" then 12 digit  number and 2 times 4 digit phone no (exp. 12341234, if cell no ###-###-1234).


I tried to register followed by procedure, but failed to create new rogers email account.

I would really appretiate if someone can advise me in this regards.


Thank you in advance.



Re: Rogers email

I'm an Advisor


The instructions do look a bit confusing, for Registration Key enter "Sxxxxxxxxxxxx" where "x" is your 12 digital Rogers Cable/Interenet Account Number that you find on your bill


For Registration Number enter just enter the last four digits of your phone number twice, the phone number that shows up on your bill with your account number. If the Phone number Rogers has on your bill is 416-967-1111, you would enter "11111111"



  • Go to
  • Enter the Registration Key and Registration Number and click Next.
    • The Registration Key is the letter “S” plus the 12 digit Cable account reference number located on your internet bill that begins with the number 2.
    • For example: S23##########
    • The Registration Number is the four digits of the phone number used to register the service, repeated twice.
    • For example: ###-###-1234; Registration Number: 12341234.
  • If the information was entered correctly you will be prompted to continue by clicking Next.
  • Click I accept to the Terms of Service and click Next.
  • Enter all of the information for the Email address including username and password
    • Note: the password cannot be the same as the username and must be between 6-32 characters and have at least one number.
  • When all the information is entered correctly click Next.
    • Note: If information needs to be reentered because it is invalid, you must select a security question again, and type in the answer.
  • Now that the E-mail has been created click Finish and test the account by signing in to your Rogers Yahoo Mail.
    • Note: The E-mail that was just created is now the Primary E-mail ID. This account must be used to create or delete secondary E-mail accounts.


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