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Rogers email hacked - anything to be done?

I'm Here A Lot

For the second time in a month one of our Rogers email accounts has been hacked.   The password was strong and has of course been changed again but is there anything else a customer can do?   Our computer wasn't even turned on and the problem is based on only one e-mail address so it appers to be on the server side of things.  


Further is there not some way that customers could be alerted to this?  Maybe a notification that the server has been compromised and to warn contacts about the message?


I have to believe that someone at Rogers was aware of the security breach before we awoke to 100's of returned messages.



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Re: Rogers email hacked - anything to be done?


Hello, @svhorner


Thank you for your post and continuous patience. I'm curious to know if there is any forwarding enabled without your knowledge on your affected email address.


Would you please check it out by login to your webmail > Settings > Accounts > Forward, thank you.




Re: Rogers email hacked - anything to be done?

I've Been Here Awhile

In spite of Rogers Trying to enhance Customer Security by adding "encryption" and "Authentication", my Rogers_Yahoo email account was hacked on Tuesday , May 23, 2017 around 7pm. 


A spam message as below was sent to each and every contact in my contact list.


Each and Every  email from the folders were deleted. Just the empty folders were showing. I am very disappointed that Rogers Yahoo email is not safe. This should serve as a warning to all Rogers email users...

The initial support from Rogers was also disappointing as the tech. said that it was not Rogers but Yahoo that controls the email and he was not very supportive


Spam message ----
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Re: Rogers email hacked - anything to be done?

I've Been Here Awhile

To add to to my previous email about" my rogers email account being hacked", additionally  ALL CONTACTS in my contacts folder were deleted



Re: Rogers email hacked - anything to be done?

Hi @rmoraes,


Thank you for your post, and sharing your situation with us. I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you had with your email.  This is definitely concerning and I hope we can make things better. 


Were you able to get anything sorted out since your last post here? 


If you require further assistance, please send us a private message at @CommunityHelp so that we can access your account to further assess the situation. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.


Kind regards,


Re: Rogers email hacked - anything to be done?

Most of all these changes have been around the PoP and other connectivity from 3rd party devices and apps, at least what i can see.

Yahoo themselves, have enabled 2 step authentication on their web mail access..


But really havent seen anything on the Rogers end.

Unfortunately.. this leaves people open to getting KEYLOGED and their email broken into that way.
If your machine has a keyloger on it, it will record any keystrokes entered. 
This then gives the person your email address and the password to enter in and log into your machine.