Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 61

Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

Sometime on October 23, Rogers' e-mail servers started rejecting my username/password when I try to check e-mail via Windows Live Mail or by Google Mail on either my desktop or my laptop.


Because this worked prior to that date, and because I could not have accidently made changes to both mail programs on both computers, the issue must be with something that changed on Rogers' e-mail servers.


Also, because this HAS worked approximately 1 time in 10 since that date, I believe that not all of  Rogers' servers have been changed yet.


Rogers Support says:

1. This error has never been reported by any other customer, ever.

2. This error is my fault somehow.

3. If I just wait, it will fix itself.


Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone know the cause?

Does anyone have a solution?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Rogers Employee Netbug
Rogers Employee
Posts: 27

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

How long is it before the problem resolves itself after an occurance?

Are both GMail and Windows Mail (or any other POP client) open at the same time and what is the check interval set to?


A failure of the nature you are describing usually is multiple access to the POP server at the same time for the same account. Try just using one or the other for a bit (few hours, days, whatever) to see if the problem replicates. If you really want to see if it's a multiple access problem, change the password on your account and only provide it to one client and see if the problem persists.


There's also an issue which has been going on since the dawn of time where the web based and pop servers get out of sync, however I don't think this is your issue based unpon what you describe. The symptoms for that one are constant interrogation for the login information in the pop client. Resolution is to simply log in via the Yahoo web interface.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 61

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

I've seen Rogers' servers start accepting POP3 client requests again some 24+ hours after rejecting them. But more recently I've been (temporarily) fixing username/password rejections by going to and logging in there to "force" the servers to accept my username/password. Sometimes this takes two tries, with the second attempt including a captcha. I'm guessing that in these cases Rogers' servers think I'm a spambot.


New information:

Through trial and error I have discovered that Gmail requests seem to be okay, and Windows Live Mail requests from my desktop seem to be okay, but Windows Live Mail requests from my laptop seem to be what suddenly makes Rogers' servers become petulant. Maybe there are sync errors with the instance of Live Mail on the laptop?


I have deleted Live Mail from my laptop, and I'm waiting to see if the Gmail + desktop Live Mail combination stays stable for a few days. If so, then I'll try re-installing Live Mail on the laptop and see what happens.



Could issues like this be avoided by migrating to the new servers "" and ""?


Rogers Employee Netbug
Rogers Employee
Posts: 27

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

What you are describing is exactly what I see in my day to day troubleshooting for email. What you surmise seems to be correct; when it rejects the information, after a few tries, it does think you're a spambot, so when you try to go in through webmail you get the capcha.


As you've stated with it working with gmail (which I myself use as well to check my Rogers account), that method does not seem to trigger the issue (at least mine hasn't in the several years I've been using it). My best guess is that something is malformed in the information being sent by the POP client that is causing the server to suspect malicious intent (though I have no idea what).


I doubt, but am not 100% sure, if changing the server name would have any effect because they are still running through the same authentication (and I'm pretty sure that the FQDN is just a redirect anyways).


Sorry for the "non-answer".

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 61

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

Not a "non-answer" at all! What you wrote makes perfect sense and is the best answer I've heard so far from any Rogers employee.  Thank you!


Through trial-and-error I've been able to narrow this down to the instance of Windows Live Mail on my laptop (WLM on my desktop still works fine).


I'm wondering if the Rogers Yahoo mail servers object to two different PCs in the same home network using the same program to access the same e-mail account? Or was WLM firing too many requests at the servers?


I guess I have more testing to do.

Community Manager (Retired) RogersErin
Community Manager (Retired)
Posts: 690

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password



Thanks for helping out Brucemartin2010.

Rogers Employee Netbug
Rogers Employee
Posts: 27

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

Sorry about the delay in reply. I doubt it's a "same client" issue, but it may be triggered by the frequency of requests (though I do see this problem mostly with single-client customers). You could try staggering the auto-check time to a higher value, say 10-15 minutes minimum, but it's a long shot.

Nobody that I know of has come up with a sure-fire solution yet. 😛
I'm a Reliable Contributor
Posts: 106

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

I have been complaining of this problem to Rogers for the last two years. At times my three of the four (my wife gave up POP mail) will randomly become disfunctional as the POP server or the SMTP server rejects my passwords. This will not appear for a month or so and then may appear every day for a month. It always clears itself the next day or later the same day.


The last time I informed Rogers of all the technicals details and how I can prove it is a syncronization problem I instructed them not to contact me with a moron that would instruct me to unplug my toaster and plug it back in again...they did anyway.


Some things to know

- Usually only one or two email accounts of my three malfunction.

- The malfunction only lasts for up to a full day each time

- I can usually sign in change my password to another and back and my client functions 100% again.

- Rogers tech help can also reset my passwords and the accounts begin to function again.

- This happens on three completely different computers using about eight different email client versions now

- This happens in Windows 7 Live, Windows XP (many versions) and WIndows 98.

- Rogers has always attemoted to blame this problem on my system

- Rogers has told me no other person has ever reported this problem

- Rogers tech help lie about the problem.

- Rogers tech help will not be needed much longer as I will change ISP's soon as I now have alternatives here. I am also going back to satellite TV. Their PVR screws up so badly on timed recordings, it's unreliable and too expensive.


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 56

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

This problem happens to me all the time.  It has for several years.  It goes flaky for a few hours, then fixes itself.  I've just been ignoring it, since it eventually stops.  I just write it off as another flaky issue that Rogers will tell me it's my fault because "you're using Linux, and Linux isn't supported".


I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 4

Re: Rogers e-mail servers intermittently rejecting username/password

It will fix itself if you log into internet mail with a web browser.
I always assumed it was Rogers' subtle way of discouraging me from using POP.

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