Rogers doesn't care about me, you, or anyone else

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Rogers doesn't care about me, you, or anyone else

To start, I have been a Rogers customer for close to a decade.


My experience with Rogers has been bittersweet at best. Their in-store representatives are usually fantastic, no doubt due to the fact that to keep their jobs, they want you to be happy and getting new phones. That's totally fine.


However, contacting Customer Service is abysmal. Rogers has no loyalty, care or tact at all. Their CSR System involves the CSR putting a 'Note' on your account that other CSRs (Customer Service Reps) can read. However, failure to do so COMPLETELY SCREWS YOU OVER WITH NO REPURCUSSION TO THE CSR. Seriously, they can 'accidentally' forget to put the 'Note' on your account and you are now paying.


Take for example, a CSR offering long distance on my account for a small additional fee per month. Fantastic! They confirm it's added and everything's set. Lo Behold, a $120 charge for Long Distance and the CSR saying 'Sorry, there's no note on the account!' Hm, that's funny. 


Or setting up a new plan and managing to get the 2GB Sharepick plan down to $75/month even though other carriers offer it for $70/month. Then finding out it's normally $80/month and the CSR made no 'Note' on the account. Woops! Nothing they can do if there's no note!


Or the live chat, were the live chat agents scrutinize every word, being even downright rude and snarky.


Or the fact that I have no reception in anywhere except the major Metros, so my job takes me to many cities that are only serviced by Telus.


Rogers has given me no reason to want to remain with them. They offer expensive plans, poor customer service, poor reception and no coverage. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I can't wait to switch carriers and I'd recommend others in BC to do so as well. My friends seem to have pretty good service through both Telus, Koodo and Bell, so there's a few choices!





Enjoying a decade of crappy service

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Re: Rogers doesn't care about me, you, or anyone else

I would call and asked for feedback on the agents that took your calls to be sent about the times no notes were added.

Maybe have calls listened to. As they say the calls are recorded for QUALITY & training. Sounds like the quality of the calls you place to Rogers were not quality at all and the agents that failed to note your account need training...

DID you just speak with customer service? or did you escalate to Retention? If not id maybe do that as well to see if they will save you from leaving...

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Re: Rogers doesn't care about me, you, or anyone else

I never trust the 'notes' on the account part... i have them process the change, imediately..

When they do that, there should be the change, usually within an hour or less.. visible on the myrogers.. as well as you should get the email notifications that things are changed.


Can then call back in, right away if things are not.. or just even to confirm things were dont properly (have done this a few times)