Rogers digital coverter box in a condo

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Rogers digital coverter box in a condo

I have rogers cable in my home but I pay for it through my Condo maintenance fees.  I am starting to lose quite a few channels and am getting a little annoyed.  I have tried calling rogers support about getting a digital convertor but nobody there knows what to do because I don't have an account number.  Has anybody else dealt with something similar?  Advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Rogers digital coverter box in a condo

While the rogers is covered via your condo.. yeah its just basic service.

WIth the analog cut off... you would need to get a digita box.. a Free DTA or a more advanced one to re-gain the channels.


Odd that they didnt know what to do though.. its fairly common.
My grandmother was the same.  She was able to just call in and give the address, etc.. and they were able to see that there was the condo account.. and then get a box.. which she just got her own seperate bill for.


Perhaps talk to the condo.. and see if they have an account # you can reference when calling in.