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Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around

I find this misleading/false advertising since I never got any offer when I called in. Did anyone try calling in and got an offer? It clearly says, "It’s the Rogers Just for YOU Event, with great deals customized just for you. Ask about YOUR offers today." So I am assuming that anyone can call and will for sure get an offer. This promotion doesn't have any details about the inclusion and exclusion criteria.


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Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @gogol

You aren't the only one. My family members tried as well and got no where. The reps did not seem to want to give a deal nor did retentions.

There are others online also having the same issue. Seems like Rogers just ads a photo on their Web page to get customers to call in and get no where... Sad to see this happening...

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for your reply @Meowmix

Isn't this illegal though? Rogers should have at least included the full details just like what they do with their other promotions to avoid wasting people's time. 

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

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Hello @gogol

Most companies do this to get customers to call in for traffic or such.

I would love to see some full details on this and any promotions available online. Calling into the call center for a waste of time is NOT customer service at all. So yes i agree a film detail on what the promotions are would be best to be posted. Not all accounts are the same and each account may get different promotions, however many have reported the same as you and me. Nothing has been offered or very little to keep customers around...

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around
I agree, @Meowmix that customers have different accounts and we all have different offers. However, if a company would post something like this, it will be implied/automatic for customers to think that there is somethimg wsiting for them. But then only to find out that it is just a waste of time. The promotion is very misleading. It says ask about your offers. It should be ask whether there is an offer for you or not.

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I've Been Here Awhile
I ageee that it's misleading and just trolling for people to call in. What's even more bizarre is that it doesn't seem like they want to keep their existing customers. Even their retention plans aren't as good as their 'migration' plan or even other companies 'migration' plans. I'm seriously considering switching as the cost would be half of what I'm paying now.

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor



I haven't called in, but I agree with what you said and the information by others.


Here is the challenge to this type of marketing - it falls under the concept of "truth in advertising", we see on the TV, for example, the daughter going out the window of her bedroom with the clown dancing in the background, saying she is going to the library - could be true, but do you think dad buys it. - Dressing it up doesn't make it true - nor does playing around with the text and grammar - grammar has various means and is part of communication.


The phrase ""It’s the Rogers Just for YOU Event, with great deals customized just for you. Ask about YOUR offers today."  can be broken down gramatically to imply that just for You (is that plural, or the the plural representing their customer group - since it is coming to me on my computer, not being used by anyone else, I assume you that is singular me, but they provided it before the login - so it could be said for all customers.


with great deals customized just for you.  So this can again also imply the whole customer base, not the singular you (me). Ask about YOUR offfers (not sure the purpose of the caps, although it gives an perception to me that you are directing the message directly at "me".  But your in the context of earlier implying that it could be the larger you of all customers viewing the web site, would mean the plural "your" as in all people who are seeing this.


Based upon the posts, it seems that no one is seeing an individual defined offers specifically to their account and predesigned just for you (the singular you I am speaking of).


It is possible that the deal will be of benefit to me, but given that I have had the god experience of getting a good deal for being a good loyal customer with the clear statement that we need to individual the offer to meet my specificbudget first and specific identification of what services I could receive given the reality of my budget and a soon increasing set of costs in my old contract.




@gogol wrote:

I find this misleading/false advertising since I never got any offer when I called in.... "It’s the Rogers Just for YOU Event, with great deals customized just for you. Ask about YOUR offers today."  Three is no way they can create individual deals customized for me without talking to me in advance - my current plan was developed 8 months ago, and does not reflect my current position in anyway, so it is impossible to have an deals developed in advanced - if they are genealized, just post the options for existing customers, we can call in and ask.


I view this is a phishing exercise to get me to call in, when I have clearly told the company they are not to solicit me changes in services unless I ask for it and only in the areas of my desired information based upon my presntation of what I am looking for.  They are not to permitted to ask to speak about my cell services when I call in about Cable, and any of my other 2 services.


So let's have some transparency in what you are really saying here - a more transparent statment would flow like these.


We have been reviewing the accounts that you currently have and believe that we have some specific offers that may be of interest to you.  Contact us and we can discuss how me may be able to better serve you with a new offers we believe that after reviewing your existing account and current budget and service requirements that we may be able to do something for you.  These offers will be designed specifically based upon what you tell us are your needs, wants, and budget.


By the way, this is a wireless code requirement.


Maybe I will call in out of curiosity, but then maybe not.  I will be calling in to rework all my services to meet my budget later this spring, both due to an unforseen reality of life - sometimes your salaries go down and costs for maintaning your house goes up, and Cable, Inernet and Phones become secondary to just living, so any solution, if chosen will need reflect the reality of my current upcoming changes.


But one thing most of us know is that the one year reduction in prices in bundles that was offered over the last year is coming to an end and we will soon see larger proposed charges in 90 days on our bills.  I called in last week, and they amazingly had an almost comparable offer to the original first year, but I declined as my decision is dependent upon my changes in life this spring, so hearing their offers of their custom event, really are of now use to me.


But I would call, take it with a grain of salt that it is for "you", and see if it is something you are interested in.


If seems to be a move to market in a slightly different way, sort of an extension of the boxing day sale model, but this time with the offer hidden in a private box.  We still have the magic of marketing as seen in the recent post on Canda's best home WIFI - not my home, and the reality that they are going to have to actively try to reduce past connections (i.e., more customers in a neighbourhod), and to keep every customer they have, in particular also to get them on the higher plans of all types - I didn't say this, it is implied in the financial report.


Not impressed.





Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Is this not just corroboration for the CBC article about Rogers tactics you posted @BS ?  

BS did Rogers not give you a good deal   because you had an alternate provider lined up  and were ready to leave? Nothing to do with them appreciating your loyalty.... it was fear of losing you .  A reward for loyalty is when they come to you with a more cost effective product for you  .....maybe that has happened to some ....but it has never happened to me in my 22 years here ...I had to ask and fight for everything I got . 

In reading through the posts here in this forum  and seeing the way Rogers has treated people  that just want to be treated fairly  I find this thread saddening but a statement of what Rogers seems to be all about . 



Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I am going to leave it a day or so, till i pass judgement.

This wouldnt be the first time, that there was a change to something.. and 90% of the people in the call center had no clue that the change was there/available.
EG: Often when the new internet plans came out, I called the first day to change something.. usualy 1-2 people said those were plans, etc.. until they actually LOOKED and saw that yes things had changed... and apparently they were not notified.

Though I am still in the middle of separate deal/contract.. not sure if worth calling in to change anything around. (Especially since it might change the TV, etc around for me, most likely to one of the newer packages)

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor

Yes, @barndoor your recollections are correct - I stayed with them, after I gave them one last opportunity to provide a customized value set of services for the price point I chose - no discussion on price point.

I identifed exactly what TV, Phone and Internet packages I wanted, and then also identified that I was prepared to cut the cord, and look at alternative companies, of which I had offers already established, but decide to give them one last opportunity for a kick at the bucket.


They were balking, but I didn't listen to any of it, I ust said, we can make a deal and if not, I call the already established quote to be put into place by an alternative provider and a change in the mix of how we consume services.


I was left with reality that I would have to repeat this nonsense in a year.  And yes, even once we worked for an hour and came up with a deal we were please with, they tried to up sell us further, and I just said, not willing to discuss any furhter.


I still had to fix 5 errors in implementation they made, no compensation for the troubles, but wasn't out any money or needed to correct billing because I caught it early in the process.


I have had a couple of unexpected offers over the years that were beneficial to me, but never much - 5 free movies, both when they had the video store, and pay per view, a year trial of HBO, and that was it.  That is in 27 years.


And over the last 5 years of so, I have had no offers at all, and I have had to fight tooth and nail to get anything reasonable each time change came along.  Constant up sell and not listening to what I described as my wants and my budget. Always having to cut them off and rediirect them to the task at hand (my desires, not their desires to up sell when I call in with explicit statement that I want to negotiate down in price and quantities of services.


And let's not forget the accidental slips of taking me of grandfathered plans, implementing wrong plans, and me spending weeks and sometimes months, billing cycle after cycle to fix - have always got fix, but the last time, I said, no more - give me what I want or I am gone, I will not listen to fancy selling on value and features that cost more money, and no more spending hours fixing errors due to miscommunication or "oops", pushed the wrong choice, now I can't go back, and then I fight upwards to get an equivalent credit for the price difference over the terms, or I get them to get the back office to do the work.


I agree this thread is saddening.



Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello again everyone! 


I have called Rogers management office last night to clarify things up about the said promotion. I told them that I am not specifically looking for an offer. I only called in because ad says, "ask about YOUR offers". So technically, something should be there to be offered. The first time I called 2 nights ago, I was told by the rep that he has nothing for me. I sent a message through facebook chat and was told the same thing. But last night, the manager was offering me a variety of things from wireless, cable, tablet, smartdrive, etc. And as a customer with only a wireless service, of course, I would only expect to be offered that has something to with wireless and not the other services.


I also told the manager that full details of the said promotion are not available for people to read before calling in. He told me that my webpage isn't loading properly because he can see other stuff on the page. 


I have used 2 computers and a cellphone and I can only see the picture (The Just For You Event), 2 red boxes with the number to call and visit store, and a line saying New to Rogers or looking for great offers?


Does anyone see other information other than the ones mentioned above? Because if the manager was telling me that he can see more stuff on his screen, then why wouldn't I see those things on the 3 screens that I used? 


That is why I am very disappointed about this promotion since it is misleading and incomplete. 



Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor

I made the same call this morning and said the same thing - not looking for anything in particular - the add says offers for you.


Reality is that he had nothing to offer me - all up sell of everything I have - suggested an offer on home security - not interested, how about a plan on a buy plan and you can share with your plans - I don't have share plans on my phones, oh you can get a sim card and put it in your existing tablet, or we can sell you one - nope not interested, I will buy it on my credit card and get points.


So offers for you - I suggested to him, as a retired elementary, I am guessing they are speaking of the plural group of people (customers) as the you, not the individual you, (me).  He agreed, and said that Rogers had put their heads together and put together what they thought would be offers of interest to the customer and it was best to review our needs before telling us each of the offers - I asked him to tell me about some of them, I don't see them as anything special.


So, I agree with the statement, deceptive marketing, and a phishing experiment - kind of like come and see our 50% off offers and find that there is nothing worth buying that is 50%.  Lots of other stuff.


Is this the depths that Rogers has now come to - that they now have to rely on deceptive marketing, playing with the grammatical use of the word you and your offer.


And no, I say the manager pulled the statement out of their hat - there is no additional information - you click that and the item at the top you will see a reference to the deals for you that will loop you back to the same original promotion page.


Just their standard promotions page, some for existing customers, some for new customers some for both.


So the feel good, hey they are paying attention to the existing customer - I don't buy it, nothing there to offer to me at all, but a good pleasant conversation.


So how about just tell us the market plans for existing customers and any promotions, and if need be we will do the loyalty department, customer relations, or retentions, as we always have.


Can I say, give me a break. Let's see your marketing department at least try to be creative in a meaningful way.


This nothing but a poorly designed social engineering pshing activity - if it came by text, unsolicited, which supposedly some did get it by text, or by an email, unsolicited (i.e., marketing choices to not receive promotions), it would be on the verge of illegal.  It is using deceptive information to encourage us to call in, have our accounts reviewd on the assumption there is something specisl there.  Nope nothing special that I heard.


And please, please, no your sites and pages, and be straight up and honest.   There is nothing about the possible offers from that link, but in discussion, it sounds like these usual offers are what they generally are offering.



Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around

All I am asking is for Rogers to be clear on what offers available so people can decide if it is worth calling in for. Rogers shouldn't let their customers waste their times calling in to find out what is available for them and in the end only to get disappointed. 

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around

One more thing! 


If an offer is really exclusive to me, then it should only be an offer related to what service/s that I currently have with Rogers. I do not want to heat about the other services that you have. I will call the sales department or go to a store myself if I want to add a service to my account. 

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor

If this was over the phone, I would classify it as an unsolicited bot call, that asks us to call in for an offer designed specifically of me.  The difference is that in this written form, they can use the word you and your, presenting confusion on the actual use of the term as explained to me on the phone "when we say us, we are speaking of you the group of current current customers of Rogers and that they have researched and put together a range of offers that may be of interest to we the group of people who are current customers, and we hope that you find an offer that is of interest to your interests.


So not a unique "you", but the proverbial group as in all of us, and a generic offer of everything but the kitchen sink, unrelated to our needs.  The review of my account and he said very quickly that your probably will have no interest in these offers, as you are very well served, so basically, it was a strange solicitation to all of us to call in.


Next marketing pitch - I said last week after the financial reports that we were going to see a lot of marketing at the specified targets of top end phones, share anything plans with lots of data, (oh, I notice on your account you often don't replace your phones for 5 years at a time, rarely change your plans, and in fact have been reducing your plans and number of users in your home - we could offer you a real good deal to add a third user on the shared plans and a really good phone - oh you only have two people in your phone, oh I see you used to have four and you now have two, guess some family members left), the benefits of bundling, and even adding home security, you may want to consider higher speeds (oh I see you have one of our lower end speeds, and have always been on low end speeds, and you barely reach 200 of your current cap - reminder to them, I am on Sam Knows, so real data use is closer to about 40-50), and even the home security that I have never looked at and have no interest for and have said every time it came up that I am not interested - how about a check box on my account - no interest in these services ever - save my time and theirs.  Oh, before we finish, I mention that when my year is up, I will be cancelling services, as I can't afford what I have and won't be paying 70.00 more for the current plans, and in fact I will be needing higher caps, and no need for high speed as we will be moving to cutting the cord and moving to over the top, and antenna with a wonderful new product from channel master - you know the TV antenna company that has been around since 1953. What about home phone, you could save there - no I like my home phone, and am looking at a local provider that charges less than 10.00 per month for same service I currently have, and cheaper Internet, but I will definitely call in later in the Spring and see what you can offer before I make my final decision.


So the call just reconfirmed that I am seriously looking at cutting services and possibly moving all services eleswhere because all I will have left is a home phone and Internet and there are no shortage of excellent third party vendors out there.


Plus the call did nothing for my confidence in the company and its direction using a tactic like this one.  I may appear harmless, but I don't like this model of marketing, and it appears that others do not either. Wonder how before this one disappears, and the next promotion comes - How about, as we have said so far, just put the promotions for current users on the Web site, or just leave us alone - and we will call in as we always have when we want to.


And of important note: the offer is part of wireless promotions, not the other products, and the person I spoke to said it was primarily focused on wireless, but yes, definitely it was not clear, but can't hurt to look at all my services, since I am on the phone.  Had I realized that it was wireless, I would never have called because I just finalized a great deal last year and am in the middle of paying for phones, and I wouldn't see them trying to sell me a better, lower priced, low use, individual plan with no data and one add-on, and second phone same with 500 MB unshared data.


For some reason I don't think they would be putting together an offer of that nature to talk to me about. Smiley LOL




Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Contributor

 The whole "just for you event" sounds like another load of malarkey from rogers. For the last number of years, we have been on a promotional plan and are currently in the second year of our latest 2-year plan. I would not waste my time on the latest rogers escapade. When our deal is up next fall, I will call in and if they give us another deal, we will stay. When they stop giving us a new deal every 2 years, we will leave; simple as that. Seems like a lot of wasted time over nothing. 

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

Hey everyone,


We appreciate you took the time to share your feedback with us regarding the Just for You event.

In 2017, our existing customers told us that they felt underappreciated, and that we only have special deals for new customers. To address this, we’ve kicked off the Just for You event to give a special offer to every wireless customer.


We’re sorry to hear the interaction some of you had resulted in a negative customer experience. I understand that ending a call with the impression that there is no valuable offer that met your expectations or needs, can definitely be frustrating. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.


We sincerely wish to make things better for our loyal customers and would like the opportunity to rectify this matter. Please reach out to us via Private Message if you have time and we can go through potential promotions you would be eligible for. Could you please send a PM @CommunityHelps when you're back online and available?

You can find instructions on our private messaging system, here.


The event actually ends on March 15th. Offers include additional line discounts, proactive hardware upgrade on iPhone and Samsung devices, Loyalty plans, offers for existing Residential services, and more!


If you’re not interested in our recommendation and are still looking to get a Just for You offer – you could visit the nearest Rogers Corporate Store for additional exclusive offers (i.e. accessories discounts).





Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I still think the wording should be changed.  

What you described isn't for me at all.  For one thing I live in Western Canada so many of the offers don't apply. 

The big issue with all your loyalty things is they apply to family plans mostly. Share everything as the gateway plan.  I oddly had this one until today as it was cheaper than not when I switched to Bell but once mine became a legacy plan it didn't make me eligible for anything.  

It still looks like you do not value your single long term customers. 

I won't be switching due to this immediately because I had excellent support both in purpose and online today.  

Online by definition is about me.  So the whole I have been paying twice as much as I need to was about me but not the kind of special offer you had in mind and in fact is the kind if thing I think you should let people know.  I knew my already dated phone was long since paid off.  I get stressed about all things phone though so consider this my annual interaction about it.  

The ongoing offers  of interest all apply to share everything customers. Until today I had a legacy share everything plan because at the time I got my phone it was 10 or 15 dollars cheaper than ones which know I have no one to add to a plan.  My dog uses the phone about as often as I do.  We barely rate a phone only society expects you to have one.   

If what you said in discontinuing the less geared towards one kind of customer, loyalty program was sincere then I matter as much as a person with a spouse and two kids.  Or 2.2 which is such a creepy number of kids I round down although I think it is lower now.  1.8 is even worse.   

I don't though. I would have to get a plan which makes no sense for me in order to benefit.  

Every so often you text offers.  More of my text messages come from you than anyone else.  I do not use my phone much so this is understandable but not a single time have I gotten the confirmation text.  Don't text me offers which if I test yes back and wait 2-5 business days I will have something useful ffor free if I am never going to get that text. It looks automated so the automation is broken.  Maybe the offer is supposed to make me think I want that enough to buy it and you have no actual intention of delivering it or perhaps it is actually broken as in several years not once has it worked as promised... So no no one notices no one seems interested is a stretch but I do not like to attribute malice when incompetence might be the reason.  

Why not make it fair so while naturally the more expensive plans of families who do get quite a break as it is are worth more .  But not everyone needs a share everything plan which is the ticket to every promotion other than this mystery one you have.  

You do legally have to have a real offer which if you have implied has a customized aspect should indeed reflect what you know about us.  Now the second bit you may be able to use privacy to explain other than  the person at the store can see  all sorts of things .  

I am an atypical user.  I know what I would value being free to use and it is a feature almost no one uses but those who do need it.  It isn't a pricey one like data even but as I was in a physical store as it seems to hint this helps shouldn't my atypical use have shaped an offer that never came? 

I should feel as values as a married person with dependents which when I sign in and all the exciting offers roll by the whole share everything as the golden ticket is kind of a sign I pay for a service which if I were married I would pay barely anything mroe to add my spouse and inevitable dependents.  I don't think telecommunications has thought this through as how can it be a good thing that people might stay on theif parents plan until their parents die?  

When I had the plan I did I could have added people for no extra cost at all.  I actually offered this to someone who became estranged from her parent at 24 and thus wanted her pwn phone plan but had no clue how it works.  She thought it best she navigate this with a little help from someone who has successfully tried three providers.  ( I do have a breaking point  and some things are an automatic exit so Roger's having yet to hit those means I know which two you are better than for me plus a third where I have serious ethical issues with how they do business which again do not exist for Roger's )  

If it were truly individual while hard to know that to some degree my choice is driven by ethics ( so sitting close to a precipice if the news is correct )  then you would be ethical enough to value all customers equally which is not even the vibe your website gives out. 

The person who doesn't need the newest device all of the time not much for me but wait oh these look good - free is my favourite price point - oh right I would n eed to double my cell phone bill even though you cannot actually get a free trial of Spotify or Texture once they see you are with Roger's   even if you are a non-qualifier.   So my reward for loyalty appears to be when I leave the country I can check out things I cannot currently. ( With a different SIM card)  

What I can specifially do is add my Netflix bill to my Roger's bill.  There isn't even a wow you have been with us for so long let us pay for a little bit of this.  It seems like it would be easy to arrange as some people who can afford Netflix are young and do not have the credit history's they need , well these days even a bank account checks but they don't necessarily have a credit card or money in pay-pay so this is the kind of Netflix wins arrangement so why wouldn't they reward you . Some tiny percentage typically does go to payment services so while i  may use this feature it isn't a reward. 

I think use different wording. Like Our Promotion of Bright Shiny New Things For Bright Shiny Family type People Which isn't Remotely about You as Nearly All of OUr Promotions Are For them.  

It would be true.   Or the  We'd Like to Offer You a Personalized Promotion But You Barely Use Your Phone and the Plan the is Best for  You Sucks For Us. Do Go to a Store Though In Case an Impulse Upgrade Makes You are Brighter, Shinier  Customer for Us.  

Until the dog dies it is just going to be me and my dog.  I feel a bit annoyed that it took someone saying it no longer saved me money to have a home wireless device I had never set up to get to the pont where on taking that off the whole but my phone was paid off quite some time ago I could pay half what I had been paying... 

You are not worse than my bank which went to an actual high interest savings account by the same name of what had become decades earlier an almost no interest account.   If they raise the interest rate on by a factor of ten and don't change the name so someone would have to notice that you have to get it changed at  a branch this seems unfair as in a group of 67 ( I prefer to work with 100 but it turned out I only knew 66 people who banked there ) I was the only one to notice and I waited 3 months to begin asking people in case some of them noticed things quarterly.   

It's the same kind of thing though.  More money for you by not being proactive about the whole "Hey you chose a nearly redundant phone in the first place.  While you oddly don't want to trade it in this means we are already making so much profit on your almost no phone use you should pay a fair amount."  

It was online support who while technically supporting one issue noticed I was eligible for much lower pricing.  I had to grapple with one issue as a value pack I had has one feature I need for my disablitly.   Juat one. I already pay for one disability related thing but this would be paying for a lot of extras only one of which I need and I am not that atypical in this being a useful feature.  

If it really were about me these are the sort of things you would offer as free upgrades that would mean something to me.   It would mean something to other Canadians who have various communication impairments as things like text to landline and transcribing phojne messages to text are quite important but there isn't even a way to get the message to text outside of a mostly useless package.  

Over time enough Canadians experience issues of communication if they did not enter the world with them have you ever considered this as a way of creating customer loyalty. No one who knows me doesn't know how strongly I feel about the artificial limiatation on doing things adults do not using a phone for most things creates.   We have the technology to overcome them but versus when fewer people used technoology it is actually less empowering now.  

If it were about me you would have a profile of me as a phone user which indicaes I almost never do but I do use text to landline.  You could easily survey people who ever have as you text us an amazing amount as it is.   As you never have if it were about me my Just for You Event would include something that should be happening anyway.  Enabling technology should not have issues of use ( you sometimes wind up sending the text multiple times - my record is four but 2-4 is far more common than 0 and it does cost each time even if your poor pharmaicist has four robotic messages to listen to ) or ideally in a loyal customer barriers of cost.  I opted not to get the voice transcription of my messages to see how that goes because all savings are real in this economy but I feel a bit unhappy that as a stand alone service it doesn't exist.  That it isn't seen and wasn't described as if it were useful for disabiity but if I was busy I could glance at my phone.   

Just for You/Me  Events wouldn't make me feel like a second class customer for not wanting new stuff and not being married with off spring.   For having the technology you have incredible savings when bundled with a Roger's pkan. Well cool I could get the tablet I already have ( with two years if I destroy it protection ) if I got a newer phone.  

It is an event meant to get people to notice the options period.  I cannot tell what signing in to the private portal would even do.   

It's never about me.  Your website doesn't even pretend it is.  Phones are a tricky enouigh thing for me given they remind me of a permanent inability people take for granted but then the lack of everything else I might have wanted to have in my life means the perks of being a customer here are also not for me.  Maybe one day I will want a provider that doesn't make it this clear as I feel lousy about it to be honest but I want you to think about it when you offer an event which seems to promise personalization your one kind of user fits all model isn't working for some of your users. 

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor

@Gareeth  I read through your post, and have to agree with you.


Just for me - not in anyway - If they had said simply, what @RogersMaude said that customers felt underappreciated, and to contact the company to identify our needs and review what kind of packages could be best presented, that the web page marketing is intended in general for comparison shopping to the regular customer by giving a flavour of what can be put together for a narrow group of people who are interested in their top end offers of new phones.


Or comparison of TV packages, directed a new customers primarily and directly matching those of competitors, but click on the page as an existing customer, you are directed to phone in or chat, as it should be.


But to market that they are creating packages just for YOU - is misleading, because when I called in, which I did just to confirm what I would hear, I heard first about the same things that

Maude put forward the following as examples:

The event actually ends on March 15th. Offers include additional line discounts, proactive hardware upgrade on iPhone and Samsung devices, Loyalty plans, offers for existing Residential services, and more!


As a user much like @Gareeth, I am a family of two, so what do I need additional line discounts for, and this is certainly not directed to me, I don't proactively do hardware upgrades - when I called in, the rep confirmed that I have downsized my lines as my daughters grew up, which was our way of maintaining communication, and with a very extensive phone call to retentions, we worked out the lowest plan, plus a replacement phone as each one died - I don't proactively replace phones, as I keep my remaining functional ones, and see if I need a deal (they came from my daughters leaving - they can afford to  buy phones, but still buy the ones that are 1/2 price as they are end of line items). I will take a full subsidy on a new phone, and agree to a contract for 2 years on a lower end phone, which we did, as long as we can choose the exact phone plan that meets our price point and needs which also includes meeting some of my disability needs.  And I too rarely turn my phone on, but it is a powerful WIFI tool in my hands for many things, so my home Internet is important, but get them to provide an unlimited plan (I acknowledge they brought in a 60GB unlimited plan recently (about time), but I can assure you I can get the same service at a cheaper price, from local wholesalers and get the modem router combination that fits my home the best.


So it is ludicrous to have even suggested they were marketing plans just for YOU, because we each have individual needs.


I was marketed in the following order - new iPhones, the Galaxy, share everything plans, additional lines, add Home security, and when I described my needs, he acknowledged that based upon my needs, there was nothing to offer.  I knew that when I called in, I had set all my current plans home and internet about 6 months before with lots of time and effort and was happy with it, but have to renogiate much of it after 1 year as they say it will all go quite significantly.  I do notice that on home services, they recently posted (for new customers only), 2 year unchanged price plans, no contracts, which takes us back to where I was three years ago before the new game of raising prices, and short term discounts began, requiring me to constantly call in to find out what I can get.


What I want and need is service that I define meets my needs, at a price I can afford on fixed income, and that can only come from individual discussion, not in a misleading, "offers for YOU", compaigning.


@Meowmixcommented earlier that a large component from her view was to increase the number of people calling in to see what was available and increase call traffic.  With the current model, we will all start calling about 90 days before the end of the year frozen prices, to say, yes I knew it was increasing, but I told you then, I would be calling to get the similiar or better deal based upon my finances and needs when the time comes, not because you suggest you have something special for me (YOU).


So I am glad that @RogersMaude spoke to us directly that they tried, but that for many, this offer was stated to be misleading and a great disappointed, that they are extending it, but we still see emphasis on the top end deals (that is one group of YOU), but you have a wide range of customers, and any good anlaytical tool set with a skilled person can pull out the distribution of customers - even the rep was able to see I had never had data, I did not sign up for share plans, did not buy top end phones, used slow data, but preferred unlimited as I gradually cut the cord, that I wanted my phone unlocked to give flexibility in my roaming options and changes in companies, and that my typical life span before I replace a phone is around 5-6 years and that I often pay outright when it is of benefit due to the forced plan change that would have occurred at the time, as the bottom line is that to do otherwise is a higher price for phone and plan in the long run.


I have been preaching this reality, and in general, one on one with retentions, calmly telling them what I need, and the price point I will pay (I research here, on the web site and alternative programs, then I start from my needs, and price points, and say what can you do - I don't negotiate that much, I just say this is what it is).

I am glad that the message was that for those like us, we could contact them to try to work out a deal more specifically for YOU.

Basically, they blew it big time on this one, and didn't resolve the issue that loyal customers felt that they were being ignored in marketing and messaging and that we were being pushed on the price point to the level that we were no different than 1 or two year customers and in some cases, the new customers did better than we did.

Rogers created this perception in their marketing and our discussions with them, as well as their reactions to changes in the Wireless Codes, to reflect more what they wanted to protect rather than the intent of the code to balance corporate and individual customer rights, in particular to be clear on what they were receiving.

We continue to see people reporting that they were not told of a change in their plan when they contacted - my approach is that I don't believe anything that is told by a rep until I see the work order, or quote, and that is the official position in paper as required by the wireless code, and if it is inconsistent with what a rep presented, I call back, and escalate, because the expectation under the code is that the phone message and all implications are to match what comes in paper - sure misunderstandings can happen, but they should be a minimum, which in my experience, it has been more the norm, but I haven't done a transaction yet under the December code changes.


So clarity in marketing is important, and this attempt errored in the basic principle that they did hear that we weren't happy and being treated differently, so we hear they have brought packages and plans for You now in Maude's post, for all customers, and how to get to these plans, but that was not clear - you read packages designed for YOU, we don't think, packages that are directed at the large groups of YOU's, not each individual you.

Well, seems they are learning, but what is clear is that i get general information from a CSR with no intention to complete an offer, it is information gathering only, and yes I listen to the fact that it could change, although they are better at telling us when it will change, but understand that risk, and other deals always come anyway. some better, some not so much.  .


What I do miss is that at one time not that many years ago, I too had a customer tech support call, where they reviewed my plan and I got some unexpected offers that benefited me, that a rep immediately put me on limited visual accuity program because I commented I couldn't read the screens anymore, and some of them actually offered me lower packages as they indicated that I was not using the service at all, but there was a risk that since some of these were on packs, they may not be available at a future date, so I could make educated decisions of costs, needs and risks.


This is promotions just for ME - done by the first point of contact, not in some blitzy advertisement on TV, radio, on the home pages, and other places.

Rogers, do you focus group these ideas with real customers?


Sorry, that turned out to be long too - it is a deep topic with a simple answer in general - treat customers as individuals when we call in, and never say you are marketing packages to us, unless you are going to take the time to first listen to our needs, completely review our historical uses, and don't present us with canned options, most of which had nothing to do with how I use my services, and was very clear in my use patterns.



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