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Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I Plan to Stick Around

I find this misleading/false advertising since I never got any offer when I called in. Did anyone try calling in and got an offer? It clearly says, "It’s the Rogers Just for YOU Event, with great deals customized just for you. Ask about YOUR offers today." So I am assuming that anyone can call and will for sure get an offer. This promotion doesn't have any details about the inclusion and exclusion criteria.


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Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I've Been Here Awhile
I ageee that it's misleading and just trolling for people to call in. What's even more bizarre is that it doesn't seem like they want to keep their existing customers. Even their retention plans aren't as good as their 'migration' plan or even other companies 'migration' plans. I'm seriously considering switching as the cost would be half of what I'm paying now.

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor



I haven't called in, but I agree with what you said and the information by others.


Here is the challenge to this type of marketing - it falls under the concept of "truth in advertising", we see on the TV, for example, the daughter going out the window of her bedroom with the clown dancing in the background, saying she is going to the library - could be true, but do you think dad buys it. - Dressing it up doesn't make it true - nor does playing around with the text and grammar - grammar has various means and is part of communication.


The phrase ""It’s the Rogers Just for YOU Event, with great deals customized just for you. Ask about YOUR offers today."  can be broken down gramatically to imply that just for You (is that plural, or the the plural representing their customer group - since it is coming to me on my computer, not being used by anyone else, I assume you that is singular me, but they provided it before the login - so it could be said for all customers.


with great deals customized just for you.  So this can again also imply the whole customer base, not the singular you (me). Ask about YOUR offfers (not sure the purpose of the caps, although it gives an perception to me that you are directing the message directly at "me".  But your in the context of earlier implying that it could be the larger you of all customers viewing the web site, would mean the plural "your" as in all people who are seeing this.


Based upon the posts, it seems that no one is seeing an individual defined offers specifically to their account and predesigned just for you (the singular you I am speaking of).


It is possible that the deal will be of benefit to me, but given that I have had the god experience of getting a good deal for being a good loyal customer with the clear statement that we need to individual the offer to meet my specificbudget first and specific identification of what services I could receive given the reality of my budget and a soon increasing set of costs in my old contract.




@gogol wrote:

I find this misleading/false advertising since I never got any offer when I called in.... "It’s the Rogers Just for YOU Event, with great deals customized just for you. Ask about YOUR offers today."  Three is no way they can create individual deals customized for me without talking to me in advance - my current plan was developed 8 months ago, and does not reflect my current position in anyway, so it is impossible to have an deals developed in advanced - if they are genealized, just post the options for existing customers, we can call in and ask.


I view this is a phishing exercise to get me to call in, when I have clearly told the company they are not to solicit me changes in services unless I ask for it and only in the areas of my desired information based upon my presntation of what I am looking for.  They are not to permitted to ask to speak about my cell services when I call in about Cable, and any of my other 2 services.


So let's have some transparency in what you are really saying here - a more transparent statment would flow like these.


We have been reviewing the accounts that you currently have and believe that we have some specific offers that may be of interest to you.  Contact us and we can discuss how me may be able to better serve you with a new offers we believe that after reviewing your existing account and current budget and service requirements that we may be able to do something for you.  These offers will be designed specifically based upon what you tell us are your needs, wants, and budget.


By the way, this is a wireless code requirement.


Maybe I will call in out of curiosity, but then maybe not.  I will be calling in to rework all my services to meet my budget later this spring, both due to an unforseen reality of life - sometimes your salaries go down and costs for maintaning your house goes up, and Cable, Inernet and Phones become secondary to just living, so any solution, if chosen will need reflect the reality of my current upcoming changes.


But one thing most of us know is that the one year reduction in prices in bundles that was offered over the last year is coming to an end and we will soon see larger proposed charges in 90 days on our bills.  I called in last week, and they amazingly had an almost comparable offer to the original first year, but I declined as my decision is dependent upon my changes in life this spring, so hearing their offers of their custom event, really are of now use to me.


But I would call, take it with a grain of salt that it is for "you", and see if it is something you are interested in.


If seems to be a move to market in a slightly different way, sort of an extension of the boxing day sale model, but this time with the offer hidden in a private box.  We still have the magic of marketing as seen in the recent post on Canda's best home WIFI - not my home, and the reality that they are going to have to actively try to reduce past connections (i.e., more customers in a neighbourhod), and to keep every customer they have, in particular also to get them on the higher plans of all types - I didn't say this, it is implied in the financial report.


Not impressed.





Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Is this not just corroboration for the CBC article about Rogers tactics you posted @BS ?  

BS did Rogers not give you a good deal   because you had an alternate provider lined up  and were ready to leave? Nothing to do with them appreciating your loyalty.... it was fear of losing you .  A reward for loyalty is when they come to you with a more cost effective product for you  .....maybe that has happened to some ....but it has never happened to me in my 22 years here ...I had to ask and fight for everything I got . 

In reading through the posts here in this forum  and seeing the way Rogers has treated people  that just want to be treated fairly  I find this thread saddening but a statement of what Rogers seems to be all about . 



Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

Resident Expert

I am going to leave it a day or so, till i pass judgement.

This wouldnt be the first time, that there was a change to something.. and 90% of the people in the call center had no clue that the change was there/available.
EG: Often when the new internet plans came out, I called the first day to change something.. usualy 1-2 people said those were plans, etc.. until they actually LOOKED and saw that yes things had changed... and apparently they were not notified.

Though I am still in the middle of separate deal/contract.. not sure if worth calling in to change anything around. (Especially since it might change the TV, etc around for me, most likely to one of the newer packages)

Re: Rogers' current promotion "The just for YOU event"

I'm a Senior Advisor

Yes, @barndoor your recollections are correct - I stayed with them, after I gave them one last opportunity to provide a customized value set of services for the price point I chose - no discussion on price point.

I identifed exactly what TV, Phone and Internet packages I wanted, and then also identified that I was prepared to cut the cord, and look at alternative companies, of which I had offers already established, but decide to give them one last opportunity for a kick at the bucket.


They were balking, but I didn't listen to any of it, I ust said, we can make a deal and if not, I call the already established quote to be put into place by an alternative provider and a change in the mix of how we consume services.


I was left with reality that I would have to repeat this nonsense in a year.  And yes, even once we worked for an hour and came up with a deal we were please with, they tried to up sell us further, and I just said, not willing to discuss any furhter.


I still had to fix 5 errors in implementation they made, no compensation for the troubles, but wasn't out any money or needed to correct billing because I caught it early in the process.


I have had a couple of unexpected offers over the years that were beneficial to me, but never much - 5 free movies, both when they had the video store, and pay per view, a year trial of HBO, and that was it.  That is in 27 years.


And over the last 5 years of so, I have had no offers at all, and I have had to fight tooth and nail to get anything reasonable each time change came along.  Constant up sell and not listening to what I described as my wants and my budget. Always having to cut them off and rediirect them to the task at hand (my desires, not their desires to up sell when I call in with explicit statement that I want to negotiate down in price and quantities of services.


And let's not forget the accidental slips of taking me of grandfathered plans, implementing wrong plans, and me spending weeks and sometimes months, billing cycle after cycle to fix - have always got fix, but the last time, I said, no more - give me what I want or I am gone, I will not listen to fancy selling on value and features that cost more money, and no more spending hours fixing errors due to miscommunication or "oops", pushed the wrong choice, now I can't go back, and then I fight upwards to get an equivalent credit for the price difference over the terms, or I get them to get the back office to do the work.


I agree this thread is saddening.



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