Rogers charging for upgrade when it was already deducted by BestBuy

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Rogers charging for upgrade when it was already deducted by BestBuy

Hey everyone,

I upgraded my plan back in October 2014 at bestbuy because they offered me a free HTC One m9 and fees waved with an upgrade. I was currently on a joint account with my sister and my sister didn't want to re-sign with Rogers so she gave permission to make me an "admin". My bill came to 0 dollars on the receipt and Rogers billed me for my first month which was totally fine. But about a month later (Nov 2014) I got charged 320 dollars and my account was set to automatically pay it with my visa (lesson learned). After speaking to the manager of my local rogers, she did something to the account and assured me everything was fine and I would get my refund in 2 pay cycles (which was already outrageous). After patiently waiting 3 cycles I contacted them and they told me to be more patient, after the fourth cycle I called again and the representative started helping me. She made some great progress into understanding what was going on and she put me on hold to dig through some files, unfortunately got dropped while I was on hold. I called back right away and the second I got into contact with someone the call dropped a second time (most reliable network). Finally I got hold of a rep and I asked if I could be put into contact with the last person who helped me because I sick of having to explain this whole mess over and over again and she told me she couldn't do that. I asked why and she said she just couldn't, so I asked to be put through to retentions because I was just amazed by how unorganized Rogers seemed. And FINALLY the person at retention told me that I couldn't get the refund because we couldn't access my sister's account (which I was made admin of) and he couldn't see the bill (which I paid with my account). He told me I had to get my sister to call (she doesn't live with me anymore and is incredibly busy with work as am I at the moment).


My credit card account was hacked in the middle of all this so I had to replace it, I went to Rogers to change the credit card number and pay the current bill. Shortly after a Rogers representative called me and told me very aggressively that I had to pay my bills. I explained to her what happened and she said there was no record of me paying the bill or changing my credit card and that I fell behind on my payments (which was still automatic at the time). This was during midterms and it really started to stress me out.


I've had enough with this, I don't want to deal with the complications, overly priced plans, and dysfunctional representatives from Rogers anymore. I've never been this dissatisfied with a service by a long shot, and I've dealt with countless services.


Anyone have any advice? Do I have cause to cancel my contract? Or at least switch over to Fido?


Thanks for your help!


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Re: Rogers charging for upgrade when it was already deducted by BestBuy



I’m sorry to hear about your  recent experience with your upgrade.


I’d like to help by looking into this for you. I’m going to have someone reach out to you in Private Message, please check our Messages from the Envelope icon in the top right hand side of your screen.