Rogers can't send a simple email bill

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Re: Rogers can't send a simple email bill

before i was using my yahoo email address, i had a g-mail address, and i was receiving notifications just fine at that address from rogers, like others have suggested, check your spam filters and see maybe the email notices are being sent but your gmail might be filtering them as spam?

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Re: Rogers can't send a simple email bill

@Gdkitty wrote:

As long as you have whitelisted the emaill address (or at least the whole domain * on your gmail, and eliminated it
being bocked there.

It must be something on the back end.

Unfortunately, we are all users here too.. none of us works for rogers, nor can we fix it, if it is a back end issue.


@jimboden was just trying to say.. that rogers DONT force you to use email address to collect it.

You CAN receive it to gmail (when its working properly).
That you only get the amount due, the actual bill does not come to you via email (again, IF its working properly)

1. As I have already stated, I am able to get emails from Rogers, eg. promotions and updates to my account so the emails are not going to my spam folder. Furthermore, I have checked my spam filter and nothing from Rogers has gone there.


2. and lastly, because "we are all just users here", this forum to problem solve is ultimately useless and seems to be just another way that Rogers avoids taking responsibility for their products. Noone here works for Rogers and therefore noone is obligated to find a solution for something as easy as sending an email.



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Re: Rogers can't send a simple email bill

Hi @vandgpeters,


if you feel you need further assistance I suggest reaching out to us via Twitter @RogersHelps or on 





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Re: Rogers can't send a simple email bill

The internet as a whole.. actually proves that these sorts of things DO work, to some extent.

For your problem, no. There is SOMETHING wrong on the back end, where your email is not in the right system, etc, for it to send out the bills.


But otherwise?
As you can find 1000's of forums out on the internet.. there are people out there, who have found solutions to USER fixable, work arounds, tweeks, upgrades, etc to things... that the hardware/software manufacturer still doesnt have on their 'solutions'.
As an IT person myself, 8/10 times, when i need to fix something i am not sure of... i find the information on how to fix it, from a google search and someone else who has figured it out.. not going to the manufacturer.

If you look through the forum, there are MANY users who have found solutions from here.

Unfortunately, yours is not one that can be solved this way likely.
If its something that has to be fixed rogers end, the only means you have, it to keep calling in.. pressuring them to escalate it.
have them look at ANY parts of their system with your profile that has your email address in it.
have them try and remove, and re add it.